This week is all about book lovers in Buenos Aires. Fill your suitcases with books in Spanish at Buenos Aires Book Fair and take a glimpse of Brazilian litterature: this year’s guest of honor is San Pablo city. We also found for you a great art festival in Recoleta and a tango show at Centro Cultural Borges. Enjoy your week in Buenos Aires!

Things to Do in Buenos Aires: April 21–April 27

1. Buenos Aires Book Fair at La Rural

Things to do in Buenos Aires:Feria del libro

The most important book fair from the Spanish speaking world starts it 40th  edition. As usual, the venue chosen is La Rural, an emblematic place in Buenos Aires. It is an event worth visiting at least once: not only  you can find great deals in books, but also really interesting conferences, book signings and dissertations by famous national and international writers.  

Feria del libro at La Rural

When: April 24 to May 12. Monday to Friday 2 PM to 10 PM- Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 1 PM to 10 PM
Where: Av. Santa Fe 4201
More info:


2. Art Festival at Centro Cultural Recoleta

Thing to do in Buenos Aires: Mira Festival

Mirá festival is becoming one of the most important art exhibitions in the county. While it helps Argentinean and international artists to showcase their work; it is also an amazing opportunity for the public to take a look at modern and contemporary pieces. The place chosen for this event is Centro Cultural Recoleta, known for its cultural value and important art displays.

Mirá Festival at Centro Cultural Recoleta

When: April 23 – April 27 Thursday-Friday from 2 PM to 9 PM, Saturday and Sunday from 12 PM to 9 PM.
Where: Junín 1930
More info:


3. Music and Art at Museo de Bellas Artes de Buenos Aires

 Things to do in Buenos Aires: Bellos jueves at MNBA

On the evening of April 24, MNBA will offer the possibility of a different type of visit to the museum. The idea is to put to use areas of the museum that are usually closed for public visits, like the terrace and the ground floor. There, an art exhibition and live music will create a unique atmosphere.

Bellos jueves at Museo de Bellas Artes de Buenos Aires (MNBA)

When: April 24 8.30 PM
Where: Av. Del Libertador 1473
More info: Bellos jueves MNBA


4. Wine Tasting

Things to do in Buenos Aires: Wine tasting at Vinology

If you visit Argentina, wine tasting is simply one of the experiences you can´t miss. With the help of María Mendizabal, an awarded sommelier, you will sample the flavours and textures of different wine varieties. From Argentina´s  trademark Malbec, to Cabernet Sauvignon and rose, this is a great way to know Alta Vista winery.

Wine tasting at Vinology

When: April 24 7 PM
Where: República de Eslovenia 1959
More info:


5. Tango Show at Centro Cultural Borges

Things to do in Buenos Aires: Bien de Tango

Buenos Aires offers a wide range of tango shows, and most of them are worth watching. But what makes Bien de Tango out of the ordinary is the extravagant performance; from classic tango to contemporary pieces. A live orchestra, 10 dancers on scene and 2 experienced singers bring to life this unique show.

Bien de Tango at Centro Cultural Borges

When: Friday and Saturday 8 PM
Where: Viamonte 525
More info:

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Buenos Aires Opera 2014

The Opera Season has just started in the Southern Hemisphere and we are thrilled to share this year’s programming at Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires Opera Theater. As usual, this season will feature several classical pieces (The Barber of Seville, Falstaff, Madama Butterfly, Tristan and Isolde, among others) as well as a couple of modern productions (Caligula, Requiem).

If you are wondering how to get tickets for the Colón Theater, please check this post on our blog: How to Get Tickets for the Colón Opera.

Buenos Aires Opera: Teatro Colón 2014 Program

Caligula by Detlev Glanert

From April 1st to April 8

The Colón Theater has a tradition of taking bets at modern, less-known pieces. This year, the season opened with Caligula, a premiere in Latinamerica. The piece was inaugurated only 8 years ago in Frankfurt. Detlev Glanert is a disciple of Hans Werner Henze. He based this opera on Albert Camus’ Caligula. The piece combines an impressive instrumental and vocal composition with a fascinating plot of human insanity. A great discovery.

The Barber of Seville by Rossini

From April 29 to May 6

The Barber of Seville

Over the last two years, the Colón Theater presented the two other pieces of the Beaumarchais trilogy: I due Figaro in 2012 and The Marriage of Figaro in 2013. This year, the Colón Theater completes the Figaro saga with Rossini’s Barber of Seville, under the direction of choreographer Mauricio Wainrot.


From June 1 to June 17

Requiem Teatro Colon 2014

Based on William Faulkner’s Requiem for a Nun, the piece is an absolute premiere. It was commissioned and produced by Colón Theater to Argentine composer Oscar Strasnoy. A promising presentation.

Idomeneo by Mozart

From July 8 to July 15    

Colon Opera 2014 Idomeneo


Idomeneo was the piece that launched Mozart as an Opera composer. He was 25 years old. The plot is set up in mythological Crete, just after the Trojan War.

Tristan and Isolde by Wagner

From August 4 to August 12

Daniel Barenboim

Tristan and Isolde might the most expected performance this year at Colón Theater, featuring the baton of world-known Argentine Director Daniel Barenboim. In this presentation, in concert version, Colón Theater presents the second act of Wagner’s Opera, when lovers meet at night and declare their impossible love.

Falstaff by Verdi

From September 16 to September 23

Falstaff Verdi Buenos Aires 2014

Because a good Opera Season cannot miss at least one Verdi piece. A classic Verdi comedy, in a new production by the Colón Theater.

Elektra by Richard Strauss

From October 28 to November 4

Colon Theater 2014 Buenos Aires

Elektra one-act opera is known as one of the most musically complex work from Richard Strauss. Centered on Agamemnon’s daughter, it is a modern retelling of the Greek myth.

Madama Butterfly by Puccini

From November 25 to December 2

Buenos Aires Opera 2014 - Madama Butterfly

The 2014 Opera Season will close on one of the most performed operas in the world. Puccini’s endearing character Cio-Cio San will be impersonated by American Soprano Patricia Racette.


We hope you’ll enjoy this Buenos Aires Opera Season as much as we do! Do not forget to consult our post about how to get tickets for the Colón Opera.

Please, feel free to ask your questions in the comments.








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This week is full of exciting and interesting things to do in Buenos Aires. Tango lessons, art exhbitions and an organic market: it´s up to you to choose which . We can´t recommend only one!


Things to Do in Buenos Aires: April 14 – April 20

1. Buenos Aires Food Market

Things to do in Buenos Aires : Buenos Aires Market

This trendy monthly market, offers food products, dishes that you can eat at communal tables, and even clasess by well known cheffs. It focuses on organic, fresh and healthy food. This month, Buenos Aires Market is held in Palermo, just a few blocks away from Palo Santo Hotel.

Buenos Aires Food Market at Palermo

When: April 19 -20
Where: El Dorrego – Zapiola 50
More info:


2. Amelita Baltar tango show at Notorious

Things to do in Buenos Aires :Amelita Baltar Notorious

The famous femalte tango singer will perform at Notorious. A great tribute  to Astor Piazzolla and Vinicius De Moraes, recalled through storys and songs.

Amelita Baltar at Notorious

When: April 18  9.30 PM
Where: Av. Callao 966
More info:

3. Garabito art exhition at MALBA

Things to do in Buenos Aires : Garabito at MALBA

Ricardo Garabito, is a contemporary artist that portraits different human typologies, especially the middle class. A great way to get to know more about Argentinean and Latin American art.

Art Exhibition at MALBA

When: From March 28 to June 9 -Thursday to Monday 12-8 PM, Tuesday closed, Wednesday 12-9 PM
Where: Av. Figueroa Alcorta 3415
More info:


4. Tango lessons and Milonga at Torquato Tasso

Things to do in Buenos Aires : Quinteto Varietal Torquato Tasso

An entertaining way of approaching Argentinean tango. First , a class with experienced teachers , followed by milonga: a tango show performed by Quinteto vatietal, with classic and contemporary Tango.

Tango at Torquato Tasso

When: April 20 7 PM
Where: Defensa 1575
More info:

5. Tango Show at Buenos Aires Planetarium

Things to do in Buenos Aires :Tango Show Planetario


A Tango Show will be projected on Buenos Aires Planetarium dome screen. A perfect mix between Tango music, Piazzolla´s legacy and beautiful images of Buenos Aires.

Tango Show at Buenos Aires Planetarium

When: Since April 15, Tuesday to Friday 5 PM, Saturday and Sunday 7.30 PM
Where: Av. Sarmiento y Belisario Roldán
More info:

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Tango Show Planetario

A Tango Show will be projected on Buenos Aires Planetarium dome screen, starting on April 15. Without a doubt, Tango is one of the trademarks of Buenos Aires. You can´t think of one, without the other. And Piazzolla is one of the first names that come to mind when you think about Buenos Aires Tango. So, Buenos Aires Planetarium came up with the amazing idea of mixing them up, creating a show called Tango 360˚.

A 26-minute Tango Show

The 26 minutes tango show narrates a story of passion and dance with Buenos Aires as the scenery. The music, “Las cuatro estaciones” by Piazzolla, is played by the Escaladrum Group, run by Piazzolla´s grandson. Images and animations are in high definition, and are projected on a full dome screen, like the ceiling of the Planetarium.  This type of shows are called immersive movies.

It is the first Piazzolla’s piece of sheet music that was ever filmed and animated.

Astor Piazzolla’s nuevo tango

Astor Piazzolla, was one the most famous Tango composer and bandoneon player of the 20th century. He created New Tango, a sound that revolutionized traditional Tango adding different instruments from Jazz and Classical music.

As a new sound was born, so was the controversy. Traditional “tangueros” accused his work of not being Tango, but later intellectuals and musicians reinvidicated his music.

He often worked with two of the most important figures in Tango industry: Hugo Ferrer – a tango writer – and Amelita Baltar – a singer, with whom he became romantically involved.

Astor Piazzolla´s pieces that you can´t miss are Adios Nonino, Balada para un loco and Libertango.

Tango Show Planetario

Tango Show at Buenos Aires Planetarium

When: Since April 15, Tuesday to Friday 5 PM, Saturday and Sunday 7.30 PM
Where: Av. Sarmiento y Belisario Roldán
More info:

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Here comes our weekly list of things to do in Buenos Aires. This week in Buenos Aires, the focus is still on BAFICI, which hits its second and last week. But multicultural and lively Buenos Aires always offer a wide range of interesting activities for everyone.

Things to Do in Buenos Aires: April 7 – April 13

1. Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival (BAFICI)

BAFICI Buenos Aires Film Festival

This is the last week of this year’s edition, which started of april 2nd. There are more than 400 independent films available to watch, and over 40 works are competing in the film contest.


When: April 2 – April 13
Where: 10 venues in Buenos Aires
More info:


2. Orquesta Filarmónica de Buenos Aires at Teatro Colón

Filarmónica Teatro Colón In its 4th presentation in 2014, the orchestra directed by Arturo Diemecke presents  compositions by Johannes Brams and Richard Strauss. Consacrated pianist Horacio Lavandera will play a solo perfomance.

Orquesta Filarmónica de Buenos Aires at Teatro Colón

When: April 9 8.30 PM
Where: Teatro Colón
More info:


3. Mireya Tango Musical

Mireya Un musical de Tango This is the story of Mireille, a young girl who lives in a conventillo in Buenos Aires and dreams of becoming a star. A musical directed by the famous producers Pepe Cibrián and Angel Mahler, with original tango music and scenes of the cultural life of old Buenos Aires.

Mireya at Teatro Presidente Alvear

When: Wednesday to Saturday 9 PM, Sunday 8 PM
Where: Teatro Presidente Alvear – Av. Corrientes 1659
More info:


4. Guided tour of Manzana de las luces

Manza de las luces A guided tour into the history and arquitecture of colonial Buenos Aires. This includes Buenos Aires oldest church, the typical houses of that time and the colonial tunnels that run under the City

Manzana de las luces

When: Monday to Friday 3 PM, Saturday and Sunday 3 PM, 4.30 PM and 6 PM.
Where: Perú 272
More info:


5. Gallery Nights


Gallery Nights Buenos Aires

This is the first edition of the year of this classic cultural event. More than 50 art galleries in Recoleta and Retiro will open until 10 PM to showcase the work of well known and up and coming artists.

Gallery Nights 2014 – 1st edition

When: April 11
Where: More than 50 art galleries in Recoleta and Retiro
More info

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It is already fall in Buenos Aires and cultural life is vibrant. Theater and opera seasons have begun. The main cultural event this week is BAFICI, Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival, a must-go for any independent cinema aficionado.

Things to Do in Buenos Aires: March 31st – April 6

1. Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival (BAFICI)


This annual film festival showcases an amazing display of independent movies. In this year’s edition, starting on April 2nd, more than 400 films will be available to the public. The festival includes a independent film contest, with over 40 works competing in different categories, and several spotlights and retrospectives.


When: April 2 – April 13
Where: 10 venues in Buenos Aires
More info:


2. BA Food Week

Buenos Aires Food Week

During two weeks, 40 high-end restaurants offer a special, fixed-price menu to allow a larger public to discover their cooking. At AR$140 (about USD17) per person for lunch and $220 (about USD 27) for dinner, beverages and cubierto not included, menus are not as inexpensive as one would expect, but it is a good occasion to sample the food from some of the best chefs in town.

BA Food Week

When: April 1 – April 14
Where: 40 restaurants in Palermo, Recoleta, San Telmo, Puerto Madero and San Isidro
More info:


3. Caligula at Teatro Colón Opera

Caligula Opera Teatro Colon Buenos Aires

The 2014 Opera Season opens with this modern piece by Detlev Glanert, based on the homonymous theater play by French novelist Albert Camus.

Caligula at Teatro Colón Opera

When: April 1 – April 8
Where: Teatro Colón, Cerrito 628
More info:


4. Mario Testino exhibition at Malba

Mario Testino MALBA

Mario Testino is a famous fashion and portrait photographer from Lima, Peru. He has worked for renowned fashion brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Gucci, Chanel, Dior and Lancôme, among others. This exhibition of 122 photographs chosen by the artist itself is the first one in Argentina.

In Your Face – Mario Testino exhibition at Malba

When: March 15 – June 16
Where: Malba (Latinamerican Museum of Modern Art), Figueroa Alcorta Ave. 3415
More info:


5.  Malbec Making Noise – Malbec tasting in Palermo

Malbec World Day Buenos Aires

Enjoy your glass of Malbec in music and celebrate World Malbec Day. With over 400 producers at centro cultural El Dorrego, only blocks away from Palo Santo Hotel, you will have more choice than needed to discover multiple variations on Argentinean’s flagship vine.

Malbec Making Noise

When: April 4
Where: El Dorrego, Honduras St at Dorrego Ave.
More info:


Have a nice week in Buenos Aires. If you have any question on these events, feel free to ask in the comments!

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Buenos Aires Bike Tours

On weekends, the city of Buenos Aires offer guided bike tours through Bosques de Palermo (Palermo Woods). Two different itineraries are available: Parks and Monuments and Parks and Museums. The two circuits are quite similar.

The city of Buenos Aires offer tourists to visit Palermo Woods on electric bicycles. Tours include the Planetarium, the Hippodrome, the Japonese Garden, Palermo lakes and the Rose Garden. In the museums tour, the visitor will see the Sívori Museum, the Fine Arts Museum, MALBA and José Hernández Museum.

Tours are guided and last two hours. The activity is available in Spanish, English and Portuguese. Unfortunately for families, only people over 18 can take the tour.


Buenos Aires Bike Tours: Practical Information

Bosques de Palermo Bicycle Tours

Duration: 2 hours

Address: Tours starts from the Planetarium (Av. Sarmiento at Belisario Roldán St.)

Winter hours: Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 am (Parks and Monuments) and 2:30 pm (Parks and Museums)

Summer hours: Saturday and Sunday at 3:30 pm (Parks and Monuments) and 6 pm (Parks and Museums)

Cost (as of February 2014): AR$88


Max. 15 participants


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children-friendly restaurant Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a great city to visit with kids. People are very friendly with children and, overall, restaurants and hotels have quite some space to accommodate families. Eating out with small children can be stressful. Luckily, in Buenos Aires most restaurants are very welcoming. We asked parents from Palo Santo Hotel staff where they felt more at ease when going out with their family. Our experts recommended the following children-friendly restaurants in Buenos Aires:

Are you planning a trip to Buenos Aires with kids. You might want to check out our list of 10 things to to in Buenos Aires with kids


An italian trattoria that serves great pizza and pasta. There is no children menu here but who need it when there is pizza? The restaurant is spacious and has a nice patio. Lots of families on weekends, much calmer on weekdays.

Piola – Gorriti 5751 – Palermo Hollywood

Oui Oui

Here, everything is homemade and full of heart and charm. Dishes are simple and fresh: salmon bagel, scrambled eggs, pasta salad, homemade soup… Oui Oui has a very enjoyable outdoors dining space. Great for a sunny lunch.

Oui Oui – Nicaragua 6068 – Palermo Hollywood


Originally very similar to Oui Oui, Cusik remained smaller and kept a more homey feeling. Their menu includes many delicious sandwiches and salads. If you manage to get a table in their backyard patio, it will be an amazing playground for your children!

Cusic – El Salvador 6016 – Palermo Hollywood


This restaurants has a small playground for children and hires daycare personnel on weekends. Surprisingly for such a children-oriented restaurant, adults’ food is really tasty and quite sophisticated. Children’s menu includes a surprise bag.

Ravello – Honduras 5906 – Palermo Hollywood

La Escondida

A nice parrilla in Palermo with a small playground for children.

Costa Rica 4464 – Palermo Soho

Croque Madame – Museo de Arte Decorativo

If you are travelling with a baby or a toddler, this coffee bar is a perfect option. Croque Madame is set in a garden outside the museum. Babies with love to gaze a the beautiful plants and trees and listen to the fountain. Toddlers will collect small stones from the floor (watch them carefully!).  A  haven of peace in Buenos Aires.

Croque Madame – Museo de Arte Decorativo – Av. del Libertador 1902 – Recoleta


On the top floor of PROA museum, enjoy a fabulous view on the Riachuela and La Boca. There is no playground there but the restaurant is spacious and small children might be fascinated by the view. Our tip: go through the very nice children’s books selection at the museum library, just one floor below.

Café PROA – Av. Pedro de Mendoza 1929 – La Boca

La Payuca

La Payuca may not be an elegant or sophisticated restaurant. But for lots of parents, its large playground with dedicated personnel is THE solution to have an uninterrupted adult conversation. And their grilled meat is fine, too.

La Payuca – Av Santa Fe 2587 – Recoleta
La Payuca – Arenales 3443 – Palermo

Photo: Ravello Restaurant

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You have probably seen it already somewhere without knowing it was an Argentinean design. The BFK chair, also known as the Butterfly Chair, was designed back in the 1940s.It quickly became one of the most successful pieces of industrial design.

The BFK chair takes its name from the three architects who designed it: Antonio Bonet (1913-1989), Juan Kurchan (1917-1975) and Jorge Ferrari Hardoy (1914-1977). All three had met in Le Corbusier workshop. Antonio Bonet was from Catalunya, Spain, while Kurchan and Ferrari Hardoy where Argentinean. The trio formed Grupo Austral, which would also include other emblematic architects such as Amancio Williams, Mario Roberto Álvarez, Horacio Vera Ramos, among others.

BFK Butterfly Chair

The Butterfly Chair was immediately acclaimed by critics. It became a symbol of modernity. In 1944, the MOMA in New York added it to its permanent collection.

Is it comfortable? See it for yourself in Palo Santo Hotel lobby!

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Starting March 15th and until June 2014, Fundación Proa presents a comprehensive retrospective of the lifework of German artist Joseph Beuys (Krefeld, 1921 – Düsseldorf, 1986) in Argentina.

Joseph Beuys opens the 2014 season with a vast exhibition presenting the artist’s esthetic and performance universe, considered as one of the 20th century’s most radical artistic creators. The exhibit includes art pieces from the 1955-1985 period, presenting a large outlook over 110 pieces. Due to his extensive and complex life production, Joseph Beuys includes objects, paintings, drawings, sculptures, instalations, videos and performances.

Joseph Beuys and Argentine artist Nicolás García Uriburu collaborated for the Documenta 7 (1982), where they planted 7 thousand oaks next to basalt blocks, in order to express their support for ecology and nature, and to state that to achieve real change, action must follow words every time.

Joseph Beuys

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