Top 10 parrillas in Buenos Aires: where to eat great Argentinean meat

Best Parrillas in Buenos AiresArgentina is famous for its flavorsome, incredibly tender meat. In Buenos Aires, you will find a great number of parrillas. These restaurants specialize in grilled meats, principally beef. There are all types of parrillas, ranging from elegant, upscale restaurant to former food trucks. You will almost always be amazed by the quality of the meat but some places offer better value or setting.

Discover our top 10 parrillas in Buenos Aires:


1- La Cabrera

A highly popular parrilla amongst both tourists and locals. Their meat is excellent. It is quite noisy and better suited to go with friends than for a romantic dinner. Reservation is highly recommended.

Directions: José Antonio Cabrera 5099 – Palermo – Tel: (5411) 4831-7002
Distance from Palo Santo Hotel: 20’ walk / 10’ drive

2- Happening

A classic restaurant that receives mainly families and groups of friends in their 50s/60s. The service is impeccable and the meat is delicious. Order the “tira de asado especial” (short ribs), it’s unbelievable!

Two locations:
Happening Costanera – Av. Rafael Obligado 7030 – Tel (5411) 4787-0666
Distance from Palo Santo Hotel: 15’ drive 

Happening Puerto Madero – Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 310 – Tel (5411) 4319-8712
Distance from Palo Santo Hotel: 30’ drive

3- Cabaña Las Lilas

THE most touristic parrilla of Buenos Aires and one of the most expensive ones too.  The meat is indeed worthy of its reputation and the view of Puerto Madero is great.

Directions: Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 516 – Puerto Madero – Tel (5411) 4313-1336
Distance from Palo Santo Hotel: 30’ drive

4- Gardiner

Gardiner features superb views of the Río de la Plata and a very nice outdoors dining space. Relaxed atmosphere.

Directions: Costanera Norte y La Pampa – Tel (5411) 4788-0437
Distance from Palo Santo Hotel: 15’ drive


5- Lo de Jesús

Similar to La Cabrera and a few blocks away, Lo de Jesus is a great option to eat very good meat at a more reasonable price. If the weather is good, it has nice tables on the sidewalk.

Directions: Gurruchaga 1406 – Palermo – Tel (5411) 4831-1961
Distance from Palo Santo Hotel: 25’ walk / 10’ drive

6- La Choza
A classic parrilla in Palermo Viejo. Quiet, relaxed atmosphere. Their specialty is the “Colita de cuadril” (Tail of rump), a tasty and tender cut of meat.

Directions: Gascón 1701 – Palermo – Tel (5411) 4833-3334
Distance from Palo Santo Hotel: 10’ drive

7- La Brigada
Probably the best “Bife de Chorizo” (sirloin) in Buenos Aires! Seeing from the decoration, the owners are clearly huge football fans. Expensive wines.

Directions: Estados Unidos 465 – San Telmo – Tel (5411) 4361-5557
Distance from Palo Santo Hotel: 30’ drive

Low Budget

8- Miranda

The best option for lunch. Miranda has a nice terrace, good prices and service. At lunch during weekdays they offer a special menu. The meat is good and the neighborhood is great.

Directions: Costa Rica 5602 – Palermo Hollywood – Tel (5411) 4774-4255
Distance from Palo Santo Hotel: 5’ walk

9- Parrilla El 22

An affordable parrilla popular amongst groups of friends. Nice and modern decoration and pleasant terrace.

Directions: Carranza 1950 – Palermo – Tel (5411) 4778-1095
Distance from Palo Santo Hotel: 5’ walk

10- El Desnivel

A bustling, inexpensive parrilla in San Telmo. Expect to wait for a table as the place is always full. Decoration is simple, to say the least.

Directions: Defensa 855 – San Telmo – Tel (5411) 4300-9081
Distance from Palo Santo Hotel: 30’ drive


Did you try out any of theses parrillas? Which one is your favorite? Leave us your comments!

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