Best Art Galleries in Palermo

Art galleries in PalermoAt Palo Santo Hotel, we love art. What if we could help our guests discover the next grean Argentinean artist or simply buy a painting to embellish their walls back home. In Palermo Hollywood and Palermo Soho, you will find a dozen of art galleries. Most welcome aficionados as well as serious buyers.

Here is our selection of the best art galleries in Palermo.

Braga Menéndez Art Gallery
This gallery showcases the work of bold Latin American rising stars. Quite popular with independent collectors.

Humboldt 1574, Palermo Hollywood
Mon-Fri 11-20 / Sat 11-18
Distance from Palo Santo Hotel: 5’ walk

Foster Catena Art Gallery
Ernesto Catena and his partners are the makers of some of the best Argentinean wines. A few years ago, they decided to open this art gallery in a classic house in Palermo. They specialize in contemporary photography.

Honduras 4882, 1st floor, Palermo Soho
Tue.-Sat. 13-19:30
Distance from Palo Santo Hotel: 10’ walk

Hollywood in Cambodia
A creative space specialized in urban art: stencil, mural painting, spray paint… The project is being run by Malatesta, Bs As Stencil and Run Don’t Walk collectives. The front of the building is regularly painted by invited artists.

Thames 1885, 1st floor, Palermo Soho
Thu-Sun 17-21
Distance from Palo Santo Hotel: 15’ walk

Elsi del Rio

This art gallery exhibits both emerging and acclaimed contemporary artists. Curated by Fernando Entin (Director) y Melisa Boratyn (Production Assistant)

Humboldt 1510, Palermo Hollywood
Tue-Fri 14-20 / Sat: 11-15
Distance from Palo Santo Hotel: 5’ walk

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