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Responsible Tourism: 5 Tips for responsible tourists

Travelling the world and enjoying its beauty implies some sense of respect for our environment. Tourists and travelers should allow other people to be able to enjoy sceneries and monuments as much as they did. This is responsible tourism. Whether in a urban environment or in the countryside, tourists should avoid having a negative impact: littering, damaging historical sites, harming… Read more →

Buenos Aires Jazz Festival 2013

This weekend, enjoy Buenos Aires Jazz Festival. There will be plenty of great shows, some of them free. If you are in Buenos Aires this weekend, do not miss this opportunity to see local and international artists in some of the most enjoyable concert halls.   Buenos Aires Jazz Festival: our recommendations Friday, Nov 22nd, Saturday Nov 23rd and Sunday… Read more →

10 Amazing Black and White Photos of Argentina

There are incredible sceneries and street scenes in Argentina. In the following picture, the photograph managed to capture an magnificient view, a unique atmosphere. Plunge into the 1930s in Argentina. Discover the Bosques de Palermo as you’ll never see them again. Enjoy Salta or Patagonia’s great landscapes. 10 Amazing Black and White Photos of Argentina to start dreaming about your next trip… Read more →

MALBA Buenos Aires Museum

The Night of the Museums 2013 – Visit Buenos Aires Museums by night

  This coming Saturday, November 9th is the Night of the Museums in Buenos Aires. Enjoy more than 150 museums and cultural centers with special events and activities. This year’s Night of the Museums will focus on the 30th anniversary of the return of democracy in Argentina. Many museums will offer viewings and exhibitions set around this thematic. Read more →