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In 2010, the city of Buenos Aires officialized a “Museums Mile”. It is a cultural tour that includes 16 museums in a 40 blocks radius. It goes through touristic neighborhoods of Palermo, Recoleta and Retiro.

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Responsible tourism

Travelling the world and enjoying its beauty implies some sense of respect for our environment. Tourists and travelers should allow other people to be able to enjoy sceneries and monuments as much as they did. This is responsible tourism. Whether in a urban environment or in the countryside, tourists should avoid having a negative impact: littering, damaging historical sites, harming plant and animal life…
Here are some simple tips to try and minimize our impact and be a responsible tourist:

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Buenos Aires Jazz Festival

This weekend, enjoy Buenos Aires Jazz Festival. There will be plenty of great shows, some of them free. If you are in Buenos Aires this weekend, do not miss this opportunity to see local and international artists in some of the most enjoyable concert halls.


Buenos Aires Jazz Festival: our recommendations

Friday, Nov 22nd, Saturday Nov 23rd and Sunday Nov 24th
Terrazas de Recoleta

Buenos Aires Jazz Festival -Recoleta
Concerts in the open air from early evening (around 6PM). Mainly Argentinean and Brazilian artists.Highly recommended to enjoy a beautiful spring evening.

Saturday Nov 23rd
La Usina del Arte, La Boca
Frank Carlberg Solopiano / Tim Berne & Ernesto Jodos Trío

Buenos Aires Jazz Festival - TIm Berne
An impressive double concert. First, American artista Frank Carlberg will open the show with a Solopiano concert. His unique style was inspired by great masters Paul Bley and Ran Blake.
Then, Armerican saxophonist Tim Berne will play with Argentinean Trio leaded by pianist Enersto Jodos.

Sunday Nov 24th
La Trastienda, San Telmo
Jam Session with Gillespi & friends

Buenos Aires Jazz Festival - Gillepsi

Gillespi is an incredibly versatile artist. He is at the same time a rock trompetist, a music writer, a journalist, a comedian and an actor. In this jam session, he will be accompanied by Sebastián Peyceré (battery), Paul Dourge (bass) and Álvaro Torres (piano).


About Buenos Aires Jazz Festival

Buenos Aires Jazz Festival is an important event in the city cultural calendar. Year on year, the festival gives the public a great access – sometimes free – to some of the most celebrated international and locall jazz artist. The festival also includes workshops, master classes and instruments clinics for jazz aficionados. Every day, the festival closes with a more spontaneous and relaxed jam session.

Buenos Aires Jazz Festival official website:

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There are incredible sceneries and street scenes in Argentina. In the following picture, the photograph managed to capture an magnificient view, a unique atmosphere. Plunge into the 1930s in Argentina. Discover the Bosques de Palermo as you’ll never see them again. Enjoy Salta or Patagonia’s great landscapes.

10 Amazing Black and White Photos of Argentina to start dreaming about your next trip to Argentina!

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This weekend is the Palermo Polo Open, one of the most important polo tournaments in the world. In this article, learn more about this great sport. Discover some polo basics and be fully armed to see you first polo match.

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Buenos Aires

Conde Nast Travel magazine awarded Buenos Aires the first place in South America favorite destinations list. The ranking was established thanks to an annual readers survey, named the “Readers Choice Award”.

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Bienal Arte Joven 2013

A new edition of the Youth Art Festival (Bienal Arte Joven) will take place from November 12 to November 17 in Buenos Aires. More than 700 young artists will expose their work in four fields: visual arts, audiovisual arts, scenic arts and music. It is an import event in the city’s cultural calendar.

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Ron Mueck - In Bed


Ron Mueck is an hyperrealistic sculptor who focuses on reproducing human body, playing with scale and details, creating an awkward, uncomfortable feeling on the viewer. His work will be on exhibition at Fundación Proa in La Boca, from November 16th 2013 to February 2014.

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Tango Show Buenos Aires

[Updated on August 15 2014 ] Attending a tango show or concert is definitely a must-do activity if you are travelling to Buenos Aires. Born at the beginning of the 20th century, tango is both a danse and a music. Its tradition is still alive in Buenos Aires, with lots of young people learning and practicing it and excellent professionnal dansers and music bands.


Where to see a good tango show in Buenos Aires?


There are plenty of places in Buenos Aires to listen to a tango concert or watch a tango show. As always, there are some tourist traps as well as some hidden gems. We’ve tested and visited quite a few. Let us guide you to the best places to see a tango show in Buenos Aires.


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The Night of the Museums 2013

This coming Saturday, November 9th is the Night of the Museums in Buenos Aires. Enjoy more than 150 museums and cultural centers with special events and activities.

This year’s Night of the Museums will focus on the 30th anniversary of the return of democracy in Argentina. Many museums will offer viewings and exhibitions set around this thematic.

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