Tango show Buenos Aires. Where to see a good tango show

Tango Show Buenos Aires

[Updated on August 15 2014 ] Attending a tango show or concert is definitely a must-do activity if you are travelling to Buenos Aires. Born at the beginning of the 20th century, tango is both a danse and a music. Its tradition is still alive in Buenos Aires, with lots of young people learning and practicing it and excellent professionnal dansers and music bands.


Where to see a good tango show in Buenos Aires?


There are plenty of places in Buenos Aires to listen to a tango concert or watch a tango show. As always, there are some tourist traps as well as some hidden gems. We’ve tested and visited quite a few. Let us guide you to the best places to see a tango show in Buenos Aires.


Centro Cultural Torquato Tasso

Tango show Buenos Aires

Centro Cultural Torquato Tasso is an address locals do not want to share so that it does not fill with tourists!

Centro Cultural Torquato Tasso in San Telmo offers great tango concerts. Beware, if you are looking for a danse show, you will want to go elsewhere: Torquato Tasso is almost exclusively a concert hall.

Some of the most famous Tango artists and bands use to perform in this cultural center: Rodolfo Mederos, Leopoldo Federico, Sexteto Mayor, Quinteto Real, just to name some of them. The audience is half local, half foreigner.

The place is set pretty much like a restaurant, with wooden chairs and tables. You are invited to order food and drinks while waiting for the show to begin. It is not mandatory to consume anything from the menu (entrance for the show is charged), but we do recommend that you enjoy a nice bottle of Malbec and share a picada (cheeses and cold meats dish). It is the perfect complement to the music!

Price range: USD10-15 (show only)



Centro Cultural Borges

Tango Show - Centro Cultural Borges

Within Galerías Pacífico upscale shopping mall, Centro Cultural Borges is a cultural center that offers a variety of shows and exhibitions. While it is not specifically a tango venue, due to its very touristic location, it almost always offer one or more tango shows.

Shows take place in an medium-sized auditorium. Thanks to this classical theater layout, you are ensured to have a good view of the scene from most seats.

Much more reasonably priced than large, more commercial tango venues, Centro Cultural Borges is a great option if you just want to see a tango dance show without all the fuss. The show is quite shorter too: 90 minutes vs almost 3 hours in other tango parlors.

Price range: USD 15-20



Señor Tango

Tango Buenos Aires - Señor Tango

Señor Tango is one of the biggest tango theater in Buenos Aires. The setting is old-fashioned and a little cliché, but dancers there are very good and well choreographed.

The venue is fully organized to deal with tourist. If you book your tickets from your hotel, you can arrange for them to pick you up and drive you back after the show. Feel free to shop around for prices.

You can have diner at Señor Tango before the show. Food is probably not worth the extra price, but you will be better seated.

A classic and safe option if you want to see a big tango production.

Price range: USD 40 (show only) – 200 (VIP Placement and dinner)



Did you enjoy any other good tango show in Buenos Aires? Please share your tips in the comments!

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