Bienal Arte Joven: Youth Art Festival Buenos Aires

Bienal Arte Joven 2013

A new edition of the Youth Art Festival (Bienal Arte Joven) will take place from November 12 to November 17 in Buenos Aires. More than 700 young artists will expose their work in four fields: visual arts, audiovisual arts, scenic arts and music. It is an import event in the city’s cultural calendar.

Bienal Arte Joven: A platform for young artists

The event is destined to artists between the age of 18 and 32 years old. It is an opportunity for them to perform or present their work. Viewers will find danse and theater productions, short films, web series and music. Those work are the result of a real selection and training process. In July, young artists had to present their projects to a jury formed by renowned profesional artists and professors. Those selected had three months to realize and improve their work and received a more systematical training. After the festival, the more deserving artist will be awarded national and international scholarships to further develop their talents and formation.

¿Es pasado- “, de María Sol Ballarini, winner in the Visual Arts category 2012

¿Es pasado- “, de María Sol Ballarini, winner in the Visual Arts category 2012

Bienal Arte Joven: Where and when

Most works will be exhibited at Ciudad Cultural Konex (Av. Sarmiento 3125 – and Centro Cultural Borges (Viamonte 500 – Several independent theatres will participate as well.
Entrance is free.
Access the full program here of the Bienal Arte Joven:

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