10 Amazing Black and White Photos of Argentina

There are incredible sceneries and street scenes in Argentina. In the following picture, the photograph managed to capture an magnificient view, a unique atmosphere. Plunge into the 1930s in Argentina. Discover the Bosques de Palermo as you’ll never see them again. Enjoy Salta or Patagonia’s great landscapes.

10 Amazing Black and White Photos of Argentina to start dreaming about your next trip to Argentina!

1. Congreso de la Nación, Buenos Aires

Congreso de la Nación - Black and White Photo

2. Tango in the street

Black and White Photo of Argentina - Tango in the Street

Photo by Jasfegal on Flickr

3. Bosques de Palermo

Argentina Black and White Photo

4. Defensa Street, San Telmo

Photo Calle Defensa

Photo by Mariano Mantel on Flickr

5. Obelisco in 1936

Plaza de la República, Buenos Aires, Argentina- Black and White Photo

6. Road in Patagonia’s border with Chile


7. Iguazu Falls, Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat)


Photo by Steve’s Photgraphic on Flickr

8. Iguazu Falls


Photo by Alwbutler on Flickr

9. Goats in Salta

Black and White photos Argentina

10. Tren a las Nubes, Salta

Tren a las Nubes, Salta, Argentina


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