Responsible Tourism: 5 Tips for responsible tourists

Responsible tourism

Travelling the world and enjoying its beauty implies some sense of respect for our environment. Tourists and travelers should allow other people to be able to enjoy sceneries and monuments as much as they did. This is responsible tourism. Whether in a urban environment or in the countryside, tourists should avoid having a negative impact: littering, damaging historical sites, harming plant and animal life…
Here are some simple tips to try and minimize our impact and be a responsible tourist:

#1 Save natural resources

Even if you won’t pay the bill, behave in hotels, restaurants and any other place as if you would. Turn off the lights you turned on. Think before using AC if you couldn’t just open the window. Prefer a quick shower over a bath. Use public transportation or bicycles when possible.

#2 Chose eco-friendly providers

Some travel providers commit to an ecological and responsible program. Support them. Stay at eco-friendly hotels. Book tours that support local culture and economy. In most capital cities, some non-profit organizations offer very interesting guided tours. Hotels like Palo Santo Hotel in Buenos Aires developed a true green commitment to encourage sustainable tourism.

#3 Support local economy

Prefer local restaurants over big chains. Shop for authentic hand-crafted souvenirs instead of cheap, imported copies. Try local food and products.

#4 Let wild animals remain wild

Some wild animal are as friendly as pets. When human feed them and touch them, they get used to human contact and get increasingly dependent on it. Let them live as wild animals. You can take great pictures while converving some distance.

#5 Respect old monuments

Old rocks do not care about our love stories, neither do other travelers. Do not leave marks on monuments (or trees). Please, do not write your name, your football team or your ex-boy/girlfriend phone number on ancient stones.
What do you think of responsible tourism? Do you agree with those recommendations? Are you a responsible tourist?
Please, share your thoughts in the comments.

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