5 Things We Love About Buenos Aires

Things we love about Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a very endearing city. It has a unique charm and atmosphere that seduce most tourists. It is no wonder that many foreigners finally decide to stay longer or even move to Argentina Capital City. Are you asking yourself why life is so nice here? Here is a list of 5 things we love about Buenos Aires:

1. Good food, great wine

As a tourist or a local, great part of the daily experience is linked to meals. Taking your time over breakfast. Having a nice cup of coffee. Enjoying a tasty lunch on a sunny terrace. Ending the day with a glass of good wine. Sharing the best asado (barbecue) with friends. All those moments are part of Buenos Aires everyday like. Sharing and enjoying a good meal is deeply anchored in Argentinean traditions.

2. Unexpected conversations can always come up…

… anywhere and with anybody. Whether on the bus, in a cab, on the street… porteños are always willing to chat. It is not unusual to start a conversation with your completely unknown neighbors at a restaurant. Nor is it to listen to your taxi driver relating his former tango artist career (true or invented, you’ll never know). In Buenos Aires, you never feel alone.

3. Porteños have great taste

Things we love about Buenos Aires


To look at Palermo’s store fronts in a real aesthetics experience. It seems like every small shop owner is an expert decorator. Shops are colourful, imaginative and full of personality. We have come across simple shoe repair shops with amazing window displays.

4. You can actually read in libraries

Why visit Buenos Aires

This is one of the most fantastic traditions in Buenos Aires for book lovers. Inside most libraries you will find a coffee shop where you can go through books without previously buying it. Just pick a book or two off the shelves, order whatever you like and enjoy the reading! Not sure about which Buenos Aires travel guide buy? Take your time, go through several ones and decide then. If you are not convinced by any, do not worry: many readers will not buy the book they are reading either. Just put it back on the shelf. Isn’t that a great way to enjoy libraries?

5. Everything seem to be always open

In many touristic cities, Sunday afternoons are a little depressing: everything is closed and streets are deserted. In Buenos Aires, nothing ever seems to stop. Supermarkets are open until 9 or 10 PM even on Sundays. At any time of the day or night, you will find a nearby kiosques or pharmacy. Clothing stores usually open every day as well (just avoid Sunday mornings).

Have you been in Buenos Aires? What are your favorite things about the city? Please, share with us in the comments!

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