Palermo Restaurants Guide: Our Recommendations (Part 2)

Part 2: Our recommended restaurants for a sunny lunch or brunch

Palermo Hollywood is the land of outdoors lunch and brunch. Most bars and cafes have an outdoor terrace. Let us guide you to the best cafés to have a great meal and enjoy sunny Buenos Aires.

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Where to eat in Palermo Hollywood? Our recommended restaurants for a formal dinner:


Palermo Hollywood: Bio Restaurant Orgánico

If you’ve had enough steaks for now, try this organic vegetarian restaurant. Bio Restaurant has a few tables outdoors and is an interesting alternative for a very healthy lunch. Their lunch menu includes a vegetarian dish and a beverage. Everything is organic and homemade. Try their mijo medallion, their yamani rice pizza with arugula and their fig coffee. Their bread is excellent as well.

Las Cabras

Las Cabras Palermo Hollywood
With its large outdoor terraces in the middle of ficus trees, Las Cabras is a perfect choice for a lazy sunny lunch. They specialize in grilled meat and homemade dishes cooked in their giant wood stove: pastel de lomo y calabaza (beef and pumpkin pie), humita (corn pure), arroz de estancia (rice with cream and mushrooms). Dishes are simple but flavoursome and very well-priced. Decent empanadas.


Parrilla Miranda Buenos Aires
Miranda has a nice terrace, good prices and service. The place is filled with tourists and office workers. Lunch menu (weekdays only) is good and reasonably priced. Try the ojo de bife. Staff is friendly and efficient.


Artemisia Restaurant Palermo Hollywood
If you pass by Artemisia, you will probably stop to gaze at their amazing green façade. Vines cover their walls and give this typical Palermo house a unique look. Artemisia offers homemade salads and sandwiches (bread is homemade as well) and good licuados (fruit smoothie). Great for a healthy lunch.


Brunch Buenos Aires: Olsen

The large patio garden is the perfect setting for a great nordic brunch. Since its opening, Olsen has filled with beautiful people from the neighborhood and tourists. Maybe a bit pretentious but they do have a good and original brunch.

In bocca al lupo caffé

In Bocca al Lupo Café Palermo

This truly italian coffee store offers fine salads and pasta in a very nice setting. They offer a few tables in a beautiful patio. Try one of their thick, rich hot chocolates. Our favorite: the hazelnut-flavored chocolate. Do they put some Nutella in it?

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