Palermo Photos: Beautiful Photos of Palermo Hollywood

Palermo Hollywood Photos - Dorrego Flea Market

It is often difficult to describe the spirit of a city or a neighborhood through words. We could explain that Palermo Holywood has a unique atmosphere That it has a one-of-a-kind balance between old constructions and modern skyscraper. That next to the most fashionable restaurants are unpretentious bars and grocery stores. That publicists and young designers live together with middle-class families. But for that, photography has a special language. We found a series of photos to help us show the contrasts and the beauty of Palermo.

Palermo Photos – Palermo Hollywood

Top: Dorrego Flea Market – Lunch Time

Mercado de Pulgas de Dorrego


Dorrego Flea Market, where tourists and locals find beautiful vintage furniture.


Dorrego Flea Market - Palermo Hollywood

Marilyn Monroe picture in Dorrego Flea Market.

Palermo Hollywood Street


Evening in Palermo Holywood. The plane trees gives the paved streets a special charm.

Palermo Hollywood photo

 Street art in Honduras St. at Fitz Roy St, a few blocks away from Palo Santo Hotel.

Palermo Hollywood

 Daily promotions at a small produce shop.


A sunny day at Palermo Hippodrome.



A sunny day at Palermo Hippodrome – Horse race

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