Buenos Aires Green Buildings: Banco Ciudad Headquarters

Green Buildings in Buenos Aires: Banco Ciudad

Green building is a growing tendency worldwide. In Buenos Aires, there are quite a few interesting green buildings. Banco Ciudad headquarters in Parque de los Patricios, a popular area near La Boca, is one of them.

Banco Ciudad building was built to LEED construction criteria. It achieved the LEED Silver category certification.

The project aesthetics is based on the use of concrete, glass and steel. The building is four floors high and occupies a whole block. On the ground floor, a very large atrium regroups most shared services: a reception, cafeterias and dining areas for employees and a bank agency. Working spaces are spread through the three remaining floors, with a very open layout.

A 100 meters wide glass panel delimits the building from the street, optimizing natural light and views to the park. In the deepest areas of the building, patios allow natural light and air to come in.  Huge concrete umbrellas protect the building from excessive lightening.

The building’s ventilation system rest upon the use of as much natural airing as possible, air circulation through sprung floor and mechanical devices.

Some pictures:

greenbuilding-bancociudad greenbuilding-bancociudad2 greenbuilding-bancociudad3 greenbuilding-bancociudad4

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