DAC: Contemporary Argentinean Design at Colección Fortabat

Contemporary Argentinean Design

A couple of days ago, we went to Colección Fortabat to see this exhibition of Contemporary Argentinean Design. Colección Fortabat is located in Puerto Madero and it is always a pleasure to have a walk on the car-free docks on a sunny morning.

Puerto Madero Buenos Aires

DAC: A Showcase of Contemporary Argentinean Design

The exhibition is a showcase of the more emblematic objects designed by Argentinean studios. There are around 100 pieces on exhibition. The tour starts in the 1940s with the iconic BFK chair, also known as the butterfly chair. The BFK chair may be one of the most famous Argentinean piece of design. Its outdoors version can be seen in many public squares and parks. The leather version will stand in Palo Santo Hotel lobby.

BFK Butterfly Chair

TELEVA television by Julio Colmenero was designed in the 1970s and is an amazing take on this everyday appliance. Today’s LED tv are clearly blander.

A series of chairs prove that Argentinean designers are very talented when it comes to this kind of furniture. We loved the Twist Chair by Blanco – Mohaded, the Silla Museo (Museum Chair) by Alejandro Sticotti, and the NUCLEO Chair by Abraham – De la Fuente.

Contemporary Argentinean Design: Twist Chair

Silla MUSEO (Museum Chair)


A little further, we found yet another piece of Palo Santo Hotel rooms furniture: the clean, simple A3 lamp that stand on our bedside tables.

Contemporary Argentinean Desgin: A3 lamp

In the more recent years, Contemporary Argentinean Design turned to everyday small objects: small office furniture, kitchenware, vases, coat hangers. Leather organizers and baskets by Vacavaliente are very innovative and look great.

Contemporary Argentinean Design: Vacavaliente

We also loved Cartoon LAB recyclable benches and stools entirely made from cardboard.

Contemporary Argentinean Design: Cartoon LabFinally, we all wanted to buy one of the Monochrome bicycles by Nathan Burta. And for those of us who have children, the TRÍO tricycle seemed amazing.

Contemporary Argentinean Design: Monochrome Bikes

Contemporary Argentinean Design: TRIO Tricycle

Unfortunately, this exhibition about Contemporary Argentinean Design ends on March 2nd. We are already looking forward to the next edition of this showcase. But meanwhile, you will still be able to see some of the pieces at Palo Santo Hotel and in nearby furniture stores. Do not hesitate to ask our front desk for more information about our design objects and pieces of furniture.

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