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Buenos Aires Bike Tours

Buenos Aires Bike Tours: Bosques de Palermo

On weekends, the city of Buenos Aires offer guided bike tours through Bosques de Palermo (Palermo Woods). Two different itineraries are available: Parks and Monuments and Parks and Museums. The two circuits are quite similar. The city of Buenos Aires offer tourists to visit Palermo Woods on electric bicycles. Tours include the Planetarium, the Hippodrome, the Japonese Garden, Palermo lakes… Read more →

children-friendly restaurant Buenos Aires

Children-friendly restaurants in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a great city to visit with kids. People are very friendly with children and, overall, restaurants and hotels have quite some space to accommodate families. Yet, eating out with small children can be stressful. Luckily, in Buenos Aires most restaurants are very welcoming. We asked parents from Palo Santo Hotel staff where they felt more at ease… Read more →

BFK Butterfly Chair

Argentinean Design: the BFK Chair (or Butterfly Chair)

You have probably seen it already somewhere without knowing it was an Argentinean design. The BFK chair, also known as the Butterfly Chair, was designed back in the 1940s.It quickly became one of the most successful pieces of industrial design. The BFK chair takes its name from the three architects who designed it: Antonio Bonet (1913-1989), Juan Kurchan (1917-1975) and… Read more →