What to do in Buenos Aires with Kids?

Buenos Aires with Kids

Buenos Aires is definitely a children-friendly travel destination. Families are welcome in almost any restaurant, even with young children, and it is easy and affordable to move around in taxi. Plenty of activities are great to do with little ones. We gathered some recommendations from parents from Palo Santo Hotel staff to guide you through.

Are you planning to travel to Buenos Aires with kids? Here is a list of 10 children-friendly activities in Buenos Aires:

1. Bosques de Palermo

Bosques de Palermo (Palermo Woods) are the lungs of the city. With its 400 hectares and more than 12.000 trees it is the city’s largest green area. Rent a pedal boat and have fun on one of the park’s lakes. Free city bikes are also available in various withdrawal points. Feed ducks and gooses. Visit the very nice Japonese Garden (paid entrance) and the rose garden.

2. Planetarium

Within Bosques de Palermo, the Planetarium offers special astronomy shows for children. Planerium also includes a museum with a small meteorites exhibition.


3. Museo Participativo de Ciencias

Located in Recoleta, this “hands-on” Science Museum for children is all about experimenting. Each of the museum’s room is dedicated to a scientific field or concept: Mechanics, Nature forces, Light, Mathematics, Sounds, Visual Perception, etc. Young visitors are encouraged to touch, do, experience. A great visit for children aged 4 to 12.


4. Zoológico de Buenos Aires

A classic family visit. Buenos Aires zoo stands on a 18 hectares park, in the heart of Palermo. It hosts over 2.500 animals from 350 different species. Buenos Aires zoo opened at the end of the 19th century, more precisely in 1888. The zoo includes an small aquarium and a subtropical jungle area.


5. Fragata Sarmiento

Sarmiento Frigate was a military school boat from 1898 to 1939. Since 1964, it was transformed in a museum and declared National Monument. The frigate is now moored in Puerto Madero and is opened to visitors. It displays some military uniforms and objects and gives some insight on life on a military ship.

6. Feria de Mataderos

Mataderos is a popular neighborhood located in western Buenos Aires. Every Sunday, Matederos hosts a large folkloric fair. Your kids will be delighted to see the beautiful criollo horses, nice cows, arts and crafts and popular dances. Adults love it to.


Modern Art museums usually attract young crowds. Children and teenagers will love Antonio Berni collages and Frida Kahlo and Xul Solar paintings.


8. Teatro Colón

The 50’ tours includes the beautiful Soldi mural painting and a glimpse behind the stages.


9. Museo de los Niños

In Abasto Shopping Mall, this Children’s Museum emulates a real city, at a smaller scale. Children will find a supermarket, bank, courthouse, customs office, gas station, among other attractions. The museums golden years are behind and it seems to lack some freshening-up but children still seem to enjoy it.


10. Festivals

Buenos Aires offers several festivals specifically aimed at children.
- In April, BAFICITO is the children’s chapter of BAFICI Independent Film Festivals. You will find a great selection of animated movies and cartoons.
- In May, Polo Circo has some great acrobats and performance shows.
- In November, Festival Para Gente Chica (Festival for Small People) offers some music and theater performances for children only.


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