Argentinean Design: the BFK Chair (or Butterfly Chair)

You have probably seen it already somewhere without knowing it was an Argentinean design. The BFK chair, also known as the Butterfly Chair, was designed back in the 1940s.It quickly became one of the most successful pieces of industrial design.

The BFK chair takes its name from the three architects who designed it: Antonio Bonet (1913-1989), Juan Kurchan (1917-1975) and Jorge Ferrari Hardoy (1914-1977). All three had met in Le Corbusier workshop. Antonio Bonet was from Catalunya, Spain, while Kurchan and Ferrari Hardoy where Argentinean. The trio formed Grupo Austral, which would also include other emblematic architects such as Amancio Williams, Mario Roberto Álvarez, Horacio Vera Ramos, among others.

BFK Butterfly Chair

The Butterfly Chair was immediately acclaimed by critics. It became a symbol of modernity. In 1944, the MOMA in New York added it to its permanent collection.

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