Things to Do in Buenos Aires: April 21–April 27

This week is all about book lovers in Buenos Aires. Fill your suitcases with books in Spanish at Buenos Aires Book Fair and take a glimpse of Brazilian litterature: this year’s guest of honor is San Pablo city. We also found for you a great art festival in Recoleta and a tango show at Centro Cultural Borges. Enjoy your week in Buenos Aires!

Things to Do in Buenos Aires: April 21–April 27

1. Buenos Aires Book Fair at La Rural

Things to do in Buenos Aires:Feria del libro

The most important book fair from the Spanish speaking world starts it 40th  edition. As usual, the venue chosen is La Rural, an emblematic place in Buenos Aires. It is an event worth visiting at least once: not only  you can find great deals in books, but also really interesting conferences, book signings and dissertations by famous national and international writers.  

Feria del libro at La Rural

When: April 24 to May 12. Monday to Friday 2 PM to 10 PM- Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 1 PM to 10 PM
Where: Av. Santa Fe 4201
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2. Art Festival at Centro Cultural Recoleta

Thing to do in Buenos Aires: Mira Festival

Mirá festival is becoming one of the most important art exhibitions in the county. While it helps Argentinean and international artists to showcase their work; it is also an amazing opportunity for the public to take a look at modern and contemporary pieces. The place chosen for this event is Centro Cultural Recoleta, known for its cultural value and important art displays.

Mirá Festival at Centro Cultural Recoleta

When: April 23 – April 27 Thursday-Friday from 2 PM to 9 PM, Saturday and Sunday from 12 PM to 9 PM.
Where: Junín 1930
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3. Music and Art at Museo de Bellas Artes de Buenos Aires

 Things to do in Buenos Aires: Bellos jueves at MNBA

On the evening of April 24, MNBA will offer the possibility of a different type of visit to the museum. The idea is to put to use areas of the museum that are usually closed for public visits, like the terrace and the ground floor. There, an art exhibition and live music will create a unique atmosphere.

Bellos jueves at Museo de Bellas Artes de Buenos Aires (MNBA)

When: April 24 8.30 PM
Where: Av. Del Libertador 1473
More info: Bellos jueves MNBA


4. Wine Tasting

Things to do in Buenos Aires: Wine tasting at Vinology

If you visit Argentina, wine tasting is simply one of the experiences you can´t miss. With the help of María Mendizabal, an awarded sommelier, you will sample the flavours and textures of different wine varieties. From Argentina´s  trademark Malbec, to Cabernet Sauvignon and rose, this is a great way to know Alta Vista winery.

Wine tasting at Vinology

When: April 24 7 PM
Where: República de Eslovenia 1959
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5. Tango Show at Centro Cultural Borges

Things to do in Buenos Aires: Bien de Tango

Buenos Aires offers a wide range of tango shows, and most of them are worth watching. But what makes Bien de Tango out of the ordinary is the extravagant performance; from classic tango to contemporary pieces. A live orchestra, 10 dancers on scene and 2 experienced singers bring to life this unique show.

Bien de Tango at Centro Cultural Borges

When: Friday and Saturday 8 PM
Where: Viamonte 525
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