How to get tickets for Buenos Aires Tango Festival?

Each year since 2003, Buenos Aires organizes Tango BA, a Tango Festival and world cup, where couples from different nationalities compete to be declared champions.

It is the most exciting and important tango event of the world, held in Buenos Aires from August 13 to August 26. If watching a dance competition is not your thing, you can also try seminars, concerts, exhibitions  and even lessons by renowned tango dancers.

Tango BA - Tango Festival

How to get tickets for Buenos Aires Tango Festival and world cup?

Where to see Tango BA Schedule?

The Tango Festival schedule is available at . Besides the full shedule of the competition, you an also acceed timetables for seminars, concerts, exhibitions  and lessons, divided by venue.

When and where can you get tickets?

Buenos Aires Tango Festival is completely free but you do need to get tickets to enter the shows. Where and when you can get tickets for the Tango Festival depends on the type of activity and venue.

-Usina Del Arte: For concerts held in the auditorium and camera chamber, tickets are available 2 hours before the show at the information desk on the ground floor of the building. You can claim a maximum of 2 tickets per person.

-Teatro 25 de mayo: The tickets are given at the information desk at the entrance hall, the same day of the show.

-Tango Lessons at Centro de Exposiciones and Usina Del Arte:  You have to sign up 20 minutes before the class starts at the information desk of the chosen venue.

-Special seminar: Each year a special 3- day seminar is held by a couple of well known tango dancers.  Inscriptions are open online at

-Final Round at Luna Park: There is a high demand for this tickets for the final round of the competition. They are given away on a specific day at Centro de Exposiciones ticket office. Each person gets 2 tickets, until the full capacity is reached (10.000 people).

How much do tickets cost?

As it is a cultural event organized by Buenos Aires Government, all tickets are free of charge. However, there are limited seatings for each activity, so we recommend to arrive with extra time to get the tickets.

Are you looking foward to this year´s edition? Last year, Tango BA, had 550.000 visitors and 556 couples competing in the world cup, proving that Tango has become a passion not only for Argentineans, but for its increasing followers all around the world.

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