Buenos Aires Weather – What is the Best Season to Visit Argentina?

Buenos Aires benefits from a very nice weather all year round. As it is a city from the Southern Hemisphere, seasons are inverted compared to most parts of the globe: winter goes from June to September and summer from December to March. It makes it a great destination to escape from cold weather in the Northern Hemisphere.

Our favorite months to visit Buenos Aires are October, November, March and April. Here’s why.

Flowers, flowers, flowers: October and November

Buenos Aires Weather: Spring

Buenos Aires is covered with trees and most of them bear wonderful flowers. In October and November, the major avenues turn purple: the beautiful Jacarandá trees blossom with extraordinary violet flowers. Blossoming tipa trees are also superb. Palermo Rose Garden is at its best.  Temperature is ideal, around 20 to 25ºC.

A Sunny Fall: March and April

Autumn is always a nice season for tourism. Temperatures are perfect for visits, around 20ºC. Cultural offer starts regaining momentum after the summer break. In April, the Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival (BAFICI) is a must-go for any film enthusiast.

High temperatures guaranteed: January and February
Buenos Aires Weather: Summer

Visiting Argentina in January or February guarantees you some warm, sunny days. In Buenos Aires, expect temperatures ranging from 25 to 35ºC (XX F). During these months, the city is quieter than ever as many porteños are on vacation. It is a great season to visit Patagonia, always much colder.

Visiting Buenos Aires in winter

If you have to travel during your children summer holidays, choose August over June or July. In August, days are quite cold (around 5ºC) but sunny and dry. You will not be able to go to Ushuaia or El Calafate, which are too cold in this season, but you may ski in Bariloche or Mendoza. In Buenos Aires, it is the peak season for an intense cultural offer: Opera, Theater, Concerts…

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