Where to Stay when traveling to Buenos Aires? Pros and Cons of Buenos Aires neighborhoods.

Where to Stay in Buenos Aires

When traveling to Buenos Aires, choosing the best area to stay is an important decision. Buenos Aires is a large city and each neighborhood has its own atmosphere. When choosing where to stay in Buenos Aires, we can narrow down the list to 4 areas: Palermo, Recoleta, San Telmo and Puerto Madero. Let us give you the pros and cons of each of them.

Where to stay in Buenos Aires: Palermo

Paul Gallery Palermo

Atmosphere: A wealthy, vibrant, and trendy neighborhood, with lots of restaurants, bars and designers shops. Palermo is quite a large neighborhood; the most touristic parts are Palermo Hollywood and Palermo Soho.

- An undeniable charm. With its plane trees, paved streets and nice restaurants, Palermo is one of the most charming neighborhood in Buenos Aires
- Great for shopping. Palermo Soho is filled with designers shops. On weekends, a crowd of both tourists and porteños stroll through the area in a search for the perfect garment. On a rainy day, you can head to Alto Palermo mall, where you will find all the major brands.
- Excellent dinning. Palermo Hollywood concentrates an incredible amount of great restaurants. You will find formal dinning as well as more relaxed and laid-back options.
- Nice hotels. Palermo hotels are generally relatively new and well-maintained. You will find specially excellent design boutique hotels, especially in Palermo Hollywood.

- You will have to take the subway, buses or taxis to visit other neighborhoods such as Plaza de Mayo, Microcentro, San Telmo and Puerto Madero. In order not to spend too much on taxi fares, you might want to prefer an accommodation in Palermo that is close to transportations. In this respect, closeness to Ave. Santa Fe is a must.


Where to stay in Buenos Aires: San Telmo

San Telmo Buenos Aires

Atmosphere: A land of contrasts. Once a wealthy area – in the 19th century -, then a working-class neighborhood, San Telmo is full of ambiguities. Some buildings are wonderfully renovated while others seem to be falling apart. Tourists and workers share the sidewalk.

- A charming neighborhood. San Telmo is one of the oldest area in Buenos Aires. Old mansions and beautiful houses can be found everywhere. The architecture there is quite more cohesive than in other areas of Buenos Aires.
- Close to other touristic areas such as Puerto Madero and Plaza de Mayo
- Good variety of restaurants and bars. On Caseros Ave. and Defensa St. you will find many restaurants, pubs and cocktail bars.

- The big flaw of San Telmo is safety. If you’re staying in this area, you will have to be extra careful at night. Women might suffer some verbal annoyances especially during weekdays, when they are less tourists on the streets.


Where to stay in Buenos Aires: Puerto Madero

Puerto Madero Buenos Aires

Atmosphere: Is it really Buenos Aires? Miles away from the typical Buenos Aires postcard, Puerto Madero shows another face of Argentinean Capital City. It is somehow impersonal but modern, wealthy and calm.

- The most modern area of Buenos Aires. Impressive skyscapers, designed by some of the world’s most famous architects, and a beautiful skyline.
- Calm. The waterside is pedestrian and there is little activity during the day, except from office workers going in and out of the buildings. As commercial activity is minimal there, you will find that Puerto Madero is a heaven of calm in bustling Buenos aires.

- Too calm. During weekdays, when fewer tourists are around, the area might seem deserted.
- Access. Even if Puerto Madero is close to the city center, you won’t find any public transportation here. You will have to walk quite a bit to the closest buses and metro.
- Expensive dinning. Most Puerto Madero’s restaurants are very expensive by Argentinean standards. If you stay on this side of the city, you might want to go dine elsewhere.


Where to stay in Buenos Aires: Recoleta

Buenos Aires Recoleta

Atmosphere: Old ladies with impeccable hairstyle. Uniformed maids walking their mistress’ poodle. 20-something girls having tea with their mother and grandmother. Recoleta seems to be living in its own century.

- Location. Recoleta is in the middle of everything. Close to Microcentro and Plaza de Mayo, it is very accessible by bus and metro. Palermo is a 20’ metro ride away. Recoleta itself has many touristic attractions, such as the famous cemetery and beautiful Alvear, Quintana and Posadas Ave.
- Architecture. Recoleta represents at its best the will of 19th century elite of making Buenos Aires the Paris of Latin America. Walk around this area and you will find many Parisian style buildings with all its beauty and luxury. Many of these buildings were actually made by French architects and using French materials.

- Very formal. Recoleta is a little stiff and old-fashioned. If you are looking for a relaxed altmosphere and a younger crowd, Palermo is a best fit. Recoleta’s restaurants are elegant and sophisticated. Its boutiques are immaculate. But you won’t find there the most edgy designers or the newest chef’s restaurant.

We hope that our tips about where to stay in Buenos Aires will be helpful! Please, do not hesitate to ask your questions in the comments section.

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