Argentinean Winter Treats: Where To Have A Good Hot Chocolate And Churros In Buenos Aires?

From a culinary point of view, having both Spanish and Italian ancestors is a great asset: hot chocolate in Buenos Aires is delicious. During winter months – June, July and August -, the traditional combo hot chocolate and churros (chocolate con churros) is a must. The warm, crispy batons combine perfectly with the tick and creamy beverage. Delicious.

Buenos Aires chocolate con churros

We have tested many bars to find the best chocolate and churros in Buenos Aires. Here are our picks:

Gran Café Tortoni

Located on Avenida de Mayo, the Gran Café Tortoni is one of the most emblematic and elegant cafés of Buenos Aires. The hot chocolate is served in a small jar and is thick and very sweet. Very good, crunchy churros.

La Giralda

Nearly all Buenos Aires natives will mention this bar as the reference in terms of chocolate con churros. The place is simple and does not look much, but their churros are delicious. Ask for the “chocolate espejo con churros rellenos” for a nice cup of dark chocolate and churros stuffed with dulce de leche. Then, take a long walk on Avenida Corrientes to recover from the sugar binge.

Las Violetas

With its large beautiful stained glasses and popular with ageless ladies, La Violeta exudes nostalgia. Purists will be delighted to see that their hot chocolate is served in copper jars.


Would you recommend some other place to have hot chocolates and churros in Buenos Aires? Please, share your findings in our comments section!

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