How to reach Buenos Aires city center from Ezeiza International Airport?

If you arrive to Buenos Aires from outside Argentina, chances are you will land at Ezeiza Airport. It is located 30 km (19 miles) away from Buenos Aires city center.

To reach your hotel in Buenos Aires from Ezeiza Airport, you will have a variety of options, ranging from regular bus lines to a private transfer. Keep reading to learn more about the available options, travel times and costs.

Pre-arranged Hotel Transfer: the easiest and safest choice

Private Transfer Ezeiza Airport

If you have booked a hotel in advance, the obvious choice is to pre-arrange the transfer with them. Usually, pre-arranged hotel transfers are slightly more expensive. But let’s admit than when arriving to a foreign country, it is comforting to see someone waiting for you at the airport. In addition, hotels usually work with better, cleaner vehicles and well-experienced drivers.

Travel time: 45 minutes

Price: Around USD 60


Private Transfer or Remis: safe and comfortable

Taxi Ezeiza

At your arrival at the airport, just after the customs control, you will see several shuttle services booths. You will find the same booths just after the sliding doors as you exit the arrival area. There, several companies offer a private door-to-door transfer with a flat rate to any address in Buenos Aires. Feel free to shop around to see if some company offers a better price.

Our advice: prefer the private transfer companies at the airport rather than the regular taxis. We have heard stories of unscrupulous taxi drivers taking advantage of tourists. You may pay less for a standard taxi ride, but at your own risk.

Travel time: 45 minutes

Price: Around USD 50


Airport Shuttle: a cheapest option

Ezeiza Airport Shuttle

If you are willing to save on your airport transfer, you can safely opt for Manuel Tienda León shuttle service. For a far smaller fare, they will drop you at their own bus terminal in Puerto Madero. Buses are very comfortable and have free WIFI access. From the Puerto Madero Terminal to your hotel, you can use the public transportation service or take a regular taxi (add USD5 to 10 for a ride to your hotel). Note that the shuttle price is per person.

Travel time: 60 minutes

Price: Around USD 12 per person


Very affordable: Regular Bus Ride

Ezeiza Buenos Aires

If you really are on a budget, the bus ride price is unbeatable. Two bus lines connect Ezeiza Airport to Buenos Aires city center. Line 51 will take you to Constitución, which is a large transportation hub in the center. Line 8 stops in Plaza de Mayo. La Boca and San Telmo. The bus ride fare is a low as 9 pesos  (one dollar) but you will have to pay with coins.

Travel time: up to two and half hours.

Price: Around USD 1

Photo credit: Cover photo by Anne Worner on Flickr.

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