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Cesar Pelli is one of the most renowned Argentinean architect. Born and raised in northwestern region of Tucumán, he has an impressive portfolio of works around the globe, including the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, which for some years were the tallest towers in the world.

From November 14 to December 8, Centro Cultural Recoleta offers to discover the work of this architect. Through a display of some of his most iconic buildings, but also some less known cultural words, the exhibition is a tribute to one of the most influential living architects.

Cesar Pelli Arquitect

Cesar Pelli landmark buldings: Petronas Towers, World Financial Center

Cesar Pelli has an impressive curriculum of tower building. For years, Kuala Lumpur’s 452-meter high Petronas Tower were the highest in the world.

Torres Patronas Cesar Pelli

Located across the former World Trade Center, the World Financial Center (now Brookfield Place) is a complex of building erected between 1982 and 1988.

Manhattan World Financial Center

Hong Kong’s International Finance Center is a prominent landmark on the island. It is an integrated commercial development built on the waterfront of Hong Kong’s Central District.

Hong Kong Finance Center

Cesar Pelli architour in Buenos Aires


Cesar Pelli built three important buildings in Buenos Aires. The most recent and maybe the most impressive as well is YPF Tower in Puerto Madero. The heart of the Building, between floors 26 to 31, is a small Eucalyptus trees wood.

Cesar Pelli - Buenos Aires

YPF Tower

Macacha Guemes Blv. at Juana Mano St.

Built in 1996, Edificio República near Retiro station can be observed from Puerto Madero. It is easily recognizable from it convex façade.

Edificio Republica Cesar Pelli

Edificio República

Tucumán 1


Torre BankBoston is a glass tower located in Catalina Norte office buildings complex, also near Retiro station.

Torre BankBoston Buenos Aires

Torre BankBoston

Pasaje Della Paolera 265

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For six days, from November 19 to November 24, some major jazz artists will be on stage for Buenos Aires Jazz Festival. Every year we are looking forward to this great musical event. Let us guide you!

Buenos Aires Jazz Festival

Buenos Aires Jazz Festival 2014: 5 locations throughout the city


Unlike previous editions, this year’s Jazz Festival main venue will not be Recoleta Cultural Center. Instead, the city of Buenos Aires selected La Usina del Arte, a reconverted power factory located in La Boca and Parque Centenario Amphitheater, an outdoor concert venue located inside a public park.

Anfiteatro Parque Centenario Buenos Aires

From Palermo, the access is quite more complicated, so we hope they will come back to Recoleta next year! If you are staying at Palo Santo Hotel, do not hesitate to order a taxi at front desk. Estimated fare: AR$100 to La Usina del Arte, AR$60 to Parque Centenario.


Some concerts will also take place at AMIA in the city center, and Café Vinilo and Thelonious in Palermo.


Buenos Aires Jazz Festival 2014: Our Shortlist


As always, the program is quite extensive and somehow uneven, so we have selected a shorlist for you. Here are the concerts we specially recommend:


Wednesday November 19

La Usina del Arte – 8:30 PM

Pat Martino Organ Trío (USA)

Entrance: AR$130


Thelonious Club – 10PM

Andreas Schaerer (Austria) & Gauthier Toux (France) + Arturo Puertas & Bruno Varela (Argentina)

Entrance: AR$80


Thursday November 20

La Usina del Arte – 7PM

Mike Del Ferro & Ricardo Cavalli Duo (Holanda/Argentina)

Entrance: Free


Friday November 21

Parque Centenario Amphitheater – 6PM

Fénix Jazz Band (Argentina)

Entrance: Free


La Usina del Arte – 8:30PM

Ensemble Rom-Schaerer-Eberle (Austria) – Leo Genovese Trío (Argentina)

Entrance: Free


La Usina del Arte – 9PM

Julia Moscardini Quinteto (Argentina)

Entrance: Free


Saturday November 22

Parque Centenario Amphitheater – 3:30PM

Jon Seiger and the All-Stars from Argentina (USA – Argentina)

Entrance: Free


La Usina del Arte – 8:30PM

Marcin Wasilewski Trio (Poland) – Henri Texier Hope Quartet (France)

Entrance: AR$80/130


Sunday November 23

Usina del Arte – 8:30PM

Yotam Silverstein Trio (Israel) – Myra Melford & Ben Goldberg (USA)

Entrance: AR$80/130


Café Vinilo – 10PM

Gianluca Petrella & Giovani Guidi (Italy) – Matías Crouzeilles & Maxi Kirszner (Argentina)

Entrance: AR$80

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Palermo Polo Open has just started and it is the most important Polo Tournament of the year. From November 15 to December 6, the country’s best polo clubs face each other to win the most prestigious trophy in the world. The polo tournament takes place at Palermo polo field, the “Campo Argentino de Polo”. Entrances start at AR$105.

Palermo Polo Open: a chance to see the best polo teams in the world

Buenos Aires Polo Tournament

Argentina is credited globally as the mecca of polo, mainly because Argentina is the country with the largest number ever of 10 handicap players in the world. In this years’ edition, one team only has a perfect 40 handicap: La Dolfina.

Palermo Polo Tournament: Beautiful horses and beautiful people


The polo tournament takes place at the Campo Argentino de Polo, in Palermo. Observing the people there is almost as fascinating as watching the polo match. Many luxury brands try to seduce the well-off, beautiful polo aficionados. Have a glass of champagne, put on your sunglasses and enjoy.

How does a polo match work?Polo Tournament

A polo match lasts 90 minutes and is divided into eight 7-minute periods called chukkers. There is a 4-minute interval between chukkers and a 10-minute half time. Usually, polo players change horses between each chukker.

Each team counts 4 players: one striker, one midfielder and two defenders.

For more basic facts about polo, see this oldest blog post: Polo Basics: Quick facts about Polo

How to get tickets?

Polo Tournament Buenos Aires

Tickets are on sale at, starting at AR$105. We recommend that you chose a slightly better category than the AR$105 tickets, so that you have a better view of the playing field.



Day 1 – Saturday 11/15

2 PM La Dolfina vs Miramar

4:30 PM La Aguada vs Magual


Day 2 – Sunday 11/16

2 PM Ellerstina vs Chapaleufú

4:30 PM Alegría vs La Aguada Las Monjitas


Day 3 – Saturday 11/22

2 PM La Aguada vs Miramar (1)

4:30 PM La Dolfina vs Magual (2)


Day 4 – Sunday 11/23

2 PM Alegría vs Chapaleufú (3)

4:30 PM Ellersitna vs La Aguada Las Monjitas (4)


Day 5 – Saturday 11/29

2 PM Winner (2) vs Loser (1)

4:30 PM Winner (1) vs Loser (2)


Day 6 – Sunday 11/30

2 PM Winner (4) vs Loser (3)

4:30 PM Winner (3) vs Loser (4)


FINAL – Saturday 12/6


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Antonio Berni (1905-1981) is a major Argentinean artist. He is an important exponent of the Nuevo Realismomovement, the Latin American extension of social realism. His works are often focused on poverty, urbanization and the effects of industrialization on the most fragile.


Berni created a very cohesive universe with a series of characters that he followed throughout his works. Among these characters, Juanito and Ramona play an important part. In the late 1960s, a child called Juanito Laguna appeared in Berni’s cosmology. He is one of the first of his characters. Juanito is the son of factory worker. He represents all stray children that used to inhabit Buenos Aires poor neighborhoods and slums. Raised in the streets, Juanito is poor but resourceful. Berni depcts him playing in the streets, using a collage technique with industrial wastes, pieces of fabric and cardboard.

Berni - Juanito y Ramona - MALBA



Ramona Montiel is another important character in Antonio Berni’s cosmology. Ramona worked as a seamstress but, lured by a life of luxury, she turns to prostitution. Berni was inspired for this character by Parisians cabarets. He used laces, fine fabrics and accessories to recreated a Belle Epoque atmosphere.

Berni - Juanito y Ramona - MALBA

Antonio Berni – Juanito and Ramona exhibition

For this exhibition, MALBA museum brings together over 150 works around Juanito and Ramona characters: paintings, collages and bi-dimensional constructions.

Until Feb. 02 2015
MALBA Museum
Ave. Figueroa Alcorta 3415


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