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Aramburu Bis

Aramburu Bis: Taste new Argentine Cuisine

Located in the not-so-glamourous area of Constitución, Aramburu Bis is a gem in Buenos Aires gastronomical scenery. It is the second restaurant of chef Gonzalo Aramburu and constitutes a more accessible alternative to his original restaurant, Aramburu. If you want to discover Argentine Cuisine further than grilled meat and empanadas, we highly recommend it! Aramburu Bis is located in Constitución,… Read more →

Pan Dulce Argentina

Christmas Dishes in Buenos Aires

Of course, as in all family reunions in Argentina, asado (barbecue) is a very popular option. But many Argentineans have Italian and Spanish ancestors and have inherited their culinary traditions and traditional Christmas dishes. The Argentinean Christmas table often include: Vitel Toné (vitelle tonnato) Vitello tonnato is a well-known Italian dish of cold, sliced veal covered with a creamy, mayonnaise-like… Read more →