Christmas Dishes in Buenos Aires

Of course, as in all family reunions in Argentina, asado (barbecue) is a very popular option. But many Argentineans have Italian and Spanish ancestors and have inherited their culinary traditions and traditional Christmas dishes.

The Argentinean Christmas table often include:

Vitel Toné (vitelle tonnato)

Vitel Tone Christmas Dish

Vitello tonnato is a well-known Italian dish of cold, sliced veal covered with a creamy, mayonnaise-like sauce that has been flavored with tuna. In a country were meat is delicious and unexpensive, vitel toné is a popular first course for a Christmas meal


Roast suckling pig (lechón asado)

Argentina Christmas Dishes

This typical Spanish dish consists in a whole pig usually cooked in a bakery oven and served cold. In the old days, bakeries used to lend their ovens so the neighbors could cook their pig.


Pan dulce

Pan Dulce Argentina

A delicious sweet brioche with lots of nuts and almonds. Combines perfectly with a glass of champagne!

“Pan dulce” is the Spanish variant of Italian Panettone. From November to January, all bakeries and even supermarket sell their pan dulce. It is also a common tradition that employers give their employees a Christmas basket include one “pan dulce”.


Turrón and sugared almonds


Also a tradition inherited from Spain.


Christmas Eve dinner usually ends long after midnight. Young people then use to go out with their friends and most clubs are open and crowded. Families use to gather again for lunch on Christmas day, for yet another day of overeating!


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