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It has just been published that Buenos Aires is the city with most bookstores per inhabitant in the world, just before Honk Kong and Madrid. With a total of 467 bookstores, you will soon find that it is very easy to run in beautiful stores while walking around the city. Here are our favorites.


Eterna Cadencia 

With its hardwood floor and beautiful wooden shelves, Eterna Cadencia has a special magic that makes it a must-go for all book lovers. Located in Palermo Hollywood, Eterna Cadencia sells classics but also publishes new authors and host open book-release parties. There is a charming coffee shop in the back. Just grab a book off the shelves and enjoy it with a warm cappuccino.

Eterna Cadencia Buenos Aires bookstore

Eterna Cadencia

Honduras 5574



El Ateneo

Built inside an old theater, El Ateneo is probably one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world. Former theater galleries and box seats are filled with bookshelves. The red curtain is still in place and separates the bookstore itself from the coffee shop, located on the former stage. El Ateneo is definitely worth including in your Recoleta itinerary.

El Ateneo Buenos Aires Bookstore

El Ateneo

Santa Fe Ave. 1860



Libros del Pasaje

There are a couple of nice bookstores in Palermo Soho. Libros del Pasaje in one of them. Their book selection is very nice, and their staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Ask for recommendations! Good children books section.

Libros del Pasaje Library Palermo

Libros del Pasaje

Thames 1762




Fedro bookstore is an institution in San Telmo. Certainly the black cat (surprisingly named Morrissey) walking among adds to its charm. Fedro offers wide selection of novels, poetry, children books and some books in English. The bookstore often present temporary art exhibitions and book reading sessions. Neighbours from San Telmo love this library, as a part of the cultural life of the area.



Carlos Calvo 578

San Telmo


Utopía – Centro Cultural de la Cooperación bookstore

Located on Avenida Corrientes, the modern building of the Centro Cultural de la Cooperación (Cooperative Cultural Center) is worth noticing. The cultural center is fed on the ideas of the Cooperative Movement. The bookstore itself almost only offers books about social sciences and politics. A peculiar place in the middle of Buenos Aires “Broadway”.

Centro Cultural de la Cooperación - Buenos Aires

Centro Cultural de la Cooperación

Corrientes Ave. 1543

San Nicolás




On Corrientes Ave. you will find many large bookstores and if you like book shopping we strongly advise you to look around and enjoy the experience. Many stores specializes in one specific field: humanities, science, literature, used books, etc. Prometeo bookstore has a very interesting selection in social sciences. Their staff used to be composed only of college students majoring in humanities.

Prometeo - Bookstore Buenos Aires


Corrientes Ave. 1916


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After a slight pause during summer vacations (January and February here in the Southern Hemisphere), Buenos Aires cultural life is regaining momentum in March. Here are our top picks:


1. Rodolfo Mederos tango orquestra at Centro Cultural Torquato Tasso

A must-go for all music lovers. Rodolfo Mederos is one of the most celebrated contemporary tango players.


On Fridays and Saturdays

Centro Cultural Torquato Tasso

Defensa 1575 – San Telmo

Entrance: AR$180



2. Infinite Experience – New exhibition at MALBA museum

MALBA opens the 2015 season with Experiencia infinita / Infinite Experience. The event is less an exhibition than an experience that the viewer confronts. It consists of works that ensue in real time and partake of other disciplines such as theater and choreography.

The exhibition features a selection of works by eight outstanding international artists.

Experiencia Infinita MALBA

From March 20

MALBA Museum



3. Music and Ballet at Teatro Colón

In March, Buenos Aires philarmonic orquestra will interpretate a series of Beethoven symphonies (March 3 to 8). The ballet will open the season with three choreographies on Mozart, Rachmaninov and Bartók music.

To see the 2015 Opera program, please read this oldest post.

Teatro Colon Buenos Aires

Teatro Colon


4. Laura Lima exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art

Brazilian artista Laura Lima is considered one of the most relevant contemporary artists. This exhibition, El Mago Desnudo (The Naked Magician) evokes the tricks and artifices behind the artistic creation. Builded around a large workshop, the exhibition allows the spectators to witness the art production.

Laura Lima Buenos Aires

March 28 to June 14

Museo de Arte Moderno

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