Bike rentals in Buenos Aires: How to explore Buenos Aires by bike

Buenos Aires bike lanes have developed exponentially over the past few years. With over 60 miles of bike lanes, mainly in Palermo, Recoleta and Belgrano, it is now possible to safely discover the city by bike. In addition, Buenos Aires has an ideal climate and geography for biking, with few rainy days and very flat streets.


Palermo area in particular is very bike-friendly, with large, safe bike lanes and lots of bike racks. Locals have quickly adopted the bicycle to commute and for short rides.


Convinced? Let us guide you through the different ways the rent a bike in Buenos Aires.


Bike rentals in Buenos Aires: our tips


1. EcoBici: Buenos Aires public bike system

EcoBici - Public Bike System Buenos Aires

EcoBici is Buenos Aires free public bike sharing system. There are close to 30 bike stations around town, mainly in Palermo, Recoleta and Microcentro. Stations are opened Mondays through Fridays from 8AM to 8PM and on Saturdays from 9AM to 3PM.


The service is free of charge but you must return the bike within an hour. You can return the bike at any station.

As a tourist, you will be asked to present your passport and a photocopy to borrow a bike. Leave your personal info (name, hotel address and phone number) and sign an affidavit and you’re good to go.


Map of Ecobici Stations:


2. Rent a bike at your hotel

Bike Rental in Buenos Aires

Most hotels in Buenos Aires will be able to offer you bikes to rent by the day. Preferably book in advance as most hotels do not own their own bikes, but have to rent them from a third-party. You will most likely be asked a credit card guarantee and will have to sign an affidavit.

If you are going to leave your bike on the street, make sure to use a lock.

Typical daily rates for a bike rental range between USD20 and USD30 (AR$180 to AR$270 as of March 2015).


3. Join a bicycle tour

Buenos Aires Bike Tours

Several companies offer bike tours to discover an area of Buenos Aires by bike and with a guide. For example Biking Buenos Aires offers a 4-hour architecture tour through Palermo, Montserrat and Recoleta for USD45, including the bike, helmet, water and a guide.


4. Why not an electric scooter?

The Green Scooter Buenos Aires

Not really a bike but still a green, two wheels alternative is The Green Scooter, an electrically powered motorcycle that will effortlessly drive you through the city. A 24-hour rental will cost you AR$490 (USD55). Scooters speed is limited to 45km/h and have an autonomy of 40km.


Download a Map of Bike Lanes in Buenos Aires



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