Mona Hatoum Exhibition at Fundación PROA: Over My Dead Body

From March 28 to June 14 2015, Fundación PROA will present international contemporary artist Mona Hatoum. A great excuse for a trip to La Boca for contemporary art amateurs.

Over My Dead Body - Mona Hatoum

Hatoum was born in Beirut, to a Palestinian family. She settled in London in 1975 when civil war in the Lebanon made her return home imposible. Hatoum focuses on confrontational themes such as violence, voyeurism and oppression.


Mona Hatoum started her career making visceral video and performance work in the 1980s that focused with great intensity on the body. Towards the 1990s, she shifted towards increasingly large-scale installations.

Changing Parts - Mona Hatoum

Changing Parts – Mona Hatoum (1984 – Duration: 24 minutes)

Hatoum’s work aims at engaging the viewer in conflicting emotions of attraction/repulsion. For instance, her installation Entrails Carpet is a carpet made of very attractive silicon that entices to walk over it with feet. But as the viewers looks closely, the material becomes repulsive, as it resembles animal entrails.  Another series of installations uses common accessories such as chairs and kitchen ustensils and transforms them into threatening, foreign objects.


Mona Hatoum - Home

Home by Mona Hatoum (1999)

Mona Hatoum will be in Buenos Aires to personally supervise the installation, along with curator Chiara Bertola.


Practical info

Mona Hatoum – Over my Dead Body

March 28 2015 to June 14 2015

Fundación PROA

Av. Pedro de Mendoza 1929 – La Boca

Tuesday through Sunday, 11 AM to 7 PM - Mondays closed

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