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Coming to Buenos Aires in June 2017? Here’s what’s going on in the city this month: exhibitions, events and performing arts.


MALBA: General Idea – Broken Time

Until June 25

General Idea Exhibition MALBA

Broken Time is the first retrospective in Latin America of General Idea, a collective of Canadian artists formed in 1969 by AA Bronson, Felix Partz and Jorge Zontal. Over the course of its twenty-five years of existence (1969-1994), the group produced a large body of groundbreaking works on an array of supports and in a variety of formats. It is still a point of reference for new generations of artists around the world.




PROA: Yves Klein – Retrospective

Until July 31

Klein Exhibition - PROA

Over 70 art works and 100 documents from the famous French artist are on display at PROA museum. Klein is one of the most relevant contemporary artist from the 20th century and the inventor of a new color in art history: the International Klein Blue (IKB).


Museo de Bellas Artes: Xul Solar – Panactivista

Until June 18

Xul Solar Exhibition at Museo de Bellas Artes

Argentine artist Xul Solar (1887-1963) was an inventor of imaginary languages and a strong believer in astrology. Solar’s paintings are mainly sculptures, often using striking contrasts and bright colours, typically in relatively small formats.



Sexteto Mayor

Teatro Colón Opera House: Julio César (Haendel)

June 6, 9, 11 and 13

Teatro Colón Opera House: Swan Lake Ballet (Tchaikovsky)

June 25, 27, 28, 29, 30
July 1st and 2nd

Centro Cultural Torquato Tasso: Sexteto Mayor

Every Friday in June

Major tango orquesta

Centro Cultural Torquato Tasso: Luis Salinas

Every Saturday in June

Argentine folklore music

Free concerts: Music in Traditional Bars (Bares Notables)

An opportunity to know some of Buenos Aires most traditional bars and cafés (see previous post about Bares Notables).

June 1 and 22, 9PM, Bar El Hipopótamo (San Telmo): Lo Péz (Argentine folk music)

June 2 and 9, 6PM, Bar El Colonial (Centro): Luciana Bozzo (jazz and bossa nova)

June 10, 9 PM, El Gato Negro (San Nicolás): Acratos Jazz Quinteto

June 16, 9PM, El Gato Negro (San Nicolás): Viviana Scarlassa (tango singer)

June 24, 9PM, El Símbolo (Almagro): Emilia Danesi and Nahuel Quiplidor (Argentine folk music)

June 29, 9 PM, El Celta Bar (San Nicolás): Puerto Elisio (flamenco)

July 1st, 9PM, Los 36 Billares (Centro): Leo Bernstein and Gabriela Flores (Latin American music)


International Auto Show – La Rural

June 10 – June 20

Buenos Aires International Auto Show (video in Spanish)

Buenos Aires International Auto Show takes place every two years and gather professionals and amateurs willing to discover the new tendencies on the automobile market.

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Cesar Pelli is one of the most renowned Argentinean architect. Born and raised in northwestern region of Tucumán, he has an impressive portfolio of works around the globe, including the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, which for some years were the tallest towers in the world.

From November 14 to December 8, Centro Cultural Recoleta offers to discover the work of this architect. Through a display of some of his most iconic buildings, but also some less known cultural words, the exhibition is a tribute to one of the most influential living architects.

Cesar Pelli Arquitect

Cesar Pelli landmark buldings: Petronas Towers, World Financial Center

Cesar Pelli has an impressive curriculum of tower building. For years, Kuala Lumpur’s 452-meter high Petronas Tower were the highest in the world.

Torres Patronas Cesar Pelli

Located across the former World Trade Center, the World Financial Center (now Brookfield Place) is a complex of building erected between 1982 and 1988.

Manhattan World Financial Center

Hong Kong’s International Finance Center is a prominent landmark on the island. It is an integrated commercial development built on the waterfront of Hong Kong’s Central District.

Hong Kong Finance Center

Cesar Pelli architour in Buenos Aires


Cesar Pelli built three important buildings in Buenos Aires. The most recent and maybe the most impressive as well is YPF Tower in Puerto Madero. The heart of the Building, between floors 26 to 31, is a small Eucalyptus trees wood.

Cesar Pelli - Buenos Aires

YPF Tower

Macacha Guemes Blv. at Juana Mano St.

Built in 1996, Edificio República near Retiro station can be observed from Puerto Madero. It is easily recognizable from it convex façade.

Edificio Republica Cesar Pelli

Edificio República

Tucumán 1


Torre BankBoston is a glass tower located in Catalina Norte office buildings complex, also near Retiro station.

Torre BankBoston Buenos Aires

Torre BankBoston

Pasaje Della Paolera 265

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Palacio Barolo - Art Nouveau in Buenos Aires

Back at the end of the 19th century and during the first decades of the 20th century, Buenos Aires was one of the most important and wealthiest capital cities in the world. It is a common grandmother tale in porteña’s families that when children wouldn’t eat, they were told to “think about people starving in Europe” and finish their plate.

Born during the last decade of the 19th century, Art Nouveau style was very well received in wealthy Buenos Aires. Many curvy, plant-filled buildings appeared on the main avenues, filling the city with a playful, undulating style.

With the help of AANBA, the Buenos Aires Art Nouveau Association, the city is now focusing on bringing out the beauties of this architectural style.

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Vertical Gardens

At Palo Santo Hotel, we are proud of being the first urban green hotel in Latin America. Our environmental commitment visually translates into a unique green architecture. Over 800 plants cover our façades, balconies, roof and patios, creating a one-of-a-kind vegetal structure. But, why exactly does this abundance of plants contribute to our green program?

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With two important art and design fairs in La Rural this week, you will have plenty to shop and see. Discover the Latinamerican art market at ArteBA Art Fair and look for the most original Argentinean design pieces at Puro Diseño Fair.

Enjoy your week in Buenos Aires!

1 – Arte BA Art Fair

Arte BA Art Fair Buenos Aires

Photo Credit: Gentileza arteBA Fundación

ArteBa is one of the main art fair of Latinamerica. It gathers over 500 artists and 100.000 visitors each year. The fair is built around several programs: young curators competition, acquisition program destined to museums and galleries, Proargentina networking program for artists. For art amateurs, it is an opportunity to take a glimpse at contemporary art creation and art marketplace.

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Palo Santo Hotel es un ícono de la arquitectura verde porteña. Más de 800 plantas cubren nuestras fachadas, patios, terrazas y balcones. Una impresionante fuente de 18 metros de altura recorre el edificio y llega al lobby.

Palo Santo es el primer hotel urbano sustentable de Latinoamérica y fue construido según los lineamientos de las normas LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design).

For an English version of this post, please click here.

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You have probably seen it already somewhere without knowing it was an Argentinean design. The BFK chair, also known as the Butterfly Chair, was designed back in the 1940s.It quickly became one of the most successful pieces of industrial design.

The BFK chair takes its name from the three architects who designed it: Antonio Bonet (1913-1989), Juan Kurchan (1917-1975) and Jorge Ferrari Hardoy (1914-1977). All three had met in Le Corbusier workshop. Antonio Bonet was from Catalunya, Spain, while Kurchan and Ferrari Hardoy where Argentinean. The trio formed Grupo Austral, which would also include other emblematic architects such as Amancio Williams, Mario Roberto Álvarez, Horacio Vera Ramos, among others.

BFK Butterfly Chair

The Butterfly Chair was immediately acclaimed by critics. It became a symbol of modernity. In 1944, the MOMA in New York added it to its permanent collection.

Is it comfortable? See it for yourself in Palo Santo Hotel lobby!

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Contemporary Argentinean Design

A couple of days ago, we went to Colección Fortabat to see this exhibition of Contemporary Argentinean Design. Colección Fortabat is located in Puerto Madero and it is always a pleasure to have a walk on the car-free docks on a sunny morning.

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 (Article in Spanish)

Desde el inicio de Palo Santo Hotel, nos asociamos con Gastón Greco, apasionado diseñador de las zapatillas POSCO. Su calzado extraordinariamente cómodo y con mucha onda ahora forma parte del uniforme de nuestro staff.

Gastón es un excelente representante de la energía creativa y del empuje de los emprendedores argentinos. En esta entrevista, nos contó más sobre su empresa y su inspiración.

Gastón Greco POSCO

Contanos en unas frases tu historia y de qué se trata Posco.

Tengo 24 años, soy zapatero, arquitecto y un soñador constante.

Soy del Chaco, vine a estudiar la carrera de arquitectura, diseño y urbanismo a Buenos Aires y en el transcurso de la misma fui haciendo mis zapatos y construyendo mi marca. Posco se trata de un calzado distinguido y descontracturado.

El objetivo es desarrollar productos simples, funcionales de buena calidad y con diseño alineados a un concepto creativo y de bienestar.

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Norman Foster's SkyCycle

In January 2014, Arquitect Norman Foster unveiled his design of an elevated bike path named SkyCycle. The purpose is to take advantage of the structure of railway lines to construct car-free lanes for cyclists.

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