An increasing number of hotels have included sustainability in their program. Green hotels have appeared all over the world, mainly in rural areas and national parks. Travellers are more and more conscious of the importance of respecting the environment and community. They started valorating the existence of a green or a socially responsible program when chosing a hotel.

There are some amazing green hotels  in the world. Here are some of them:

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Responsible tourism

Travelling the world and enjoying its beauty implies some sense of respect for our environment. Tourists and travelers should allow other people to be able to enjoy sceneries and monuments as much as they did. This is responsible tourism. Whether in a urban environment or in the countryside, tourists should avoid having a negative impact: littering, damaging historical sites, harming plant and animal life…
Here are some simple tips to try and minimize our impact and be a responsible tourist:

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L Oasis d Aboukir green wall - two months after the installation

A green wall is a wall that is completely or partially covered with vegetation. French botanist Patrick Blanc is credited as the inventor of the concept in the late 1980s. Green walls are found most often in urban environments where the plants reduce overall temperatures of the building. Plant surfaces reduce the absorption of solar radiation and heat storage in the building material.

L’Oasis d’Aboukir green wall

L’Oasis d’Aboukir green wall can be found in Paris, at the corner of Rue d’Aboukir and Rue des Petits Carreaux, a densely populated area in the city center. The green wall was installed on the occasion of Paris Design Week in 2013. Installation was realized in less than seven weeks.

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Bike tours in Buenos Aires

Our 3 recommended, off-the-beaten-track bike tours to enjoy Buenos Aires by bike.

To discover a city by bike is always a great experience. Biking gives an incredible sense of freedom. One can enjoy another rhythm and reach more remote places than by walking. There are more than 60 miles of bicycle paths in Buenos Aires. Here are our recommended stretches to reach less touristic but beautiful areas.

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