Feria MASTICAR - Buenos Aires Food FairFeria MASTICAR (oct 16- oct 19) is an initiative by a group of Argentinean chefs, ACELGA (a rather un-translatable play on a vegetable name). The group gathers famous chefs – some of them appear on TV- in an effort to promote a new generation of cooks, more relaxed and close to the public than their older peers.

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If you are planning a trip to Buenos Aires you have certainly heard about Palermo. Over the years, Palermo, in particular the areas called Palermo Hollywood and Palermo Soho have become the most sought-after neighborhood in the city. During your stay here, you MUST spend at least a day in Palermo.

At Palo Santo Hotel, we are Palermo experts! Most of our team live work and go out in the neighborhood. Let us guide you through a perfect day in Palermo.

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Buenos Aires Bike Tours

On weekends, the city of Buenos Aires offer guided bike tours through Bosques de Palermo (Palermo Woods). Two different itineraries are available: Parks and Monuments and Parks and Museums. The two circuits are quite similar.

The city of Buenos Aires offer tourists to visit Palermo Woods on electric bicycles. Tours include the Planetarium, the Hippodrome, the Japonese Garden, Palermo lakes and the Rose Garden. In the museums tour, the visitor will see the Sívori Museum, the Fine Arts Museum, MALBA and José Hernández Museum.

Tours are guided and last two hours. The activity is available in Spanish, English and Portuguese. Unfortunately for families, only people over 18 can take the tour.

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Palermo Hollywood Photos - Dorrego Flea Market

It is often difficult to describe the spirit of a city or a neighborhood through words. We could explain that Palermo Holywood has a unique atmosphere That it has a one-of-a-kind balance between old constructions and modern skyscraper. That next to the most fashionable restaurants are unpretentious bars and grocery stores. That publicists and young designers live together with middle-class families. But for that, photography has a special language. We found a series of photos to help us show the contrasts and the beauty of Palermo.

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Buenos Aires Zoo at night

During spring and summer seasons, Buenos Aires zoo is open to the public at night. The nightime visit allows to better observe nocturnal animals. As it is open for visitors with reservation only, it is also a good opportunity to really appreciate the zoo architecture without all the bustle. Night tours include watching the evening tasks of the animal careers. At the middle of the visit, visitors have a meal within the park.

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Part 2: Our recommended restaurants for a sunny lunch or brunch

Palermo Hollywood is the land of outdoors lunch and brunch. Most bars and cafes have an outdoor terrace. Let us guide you to the best cafés to have a great meal and enjoy sunny Buenos Aires.

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Where to eat in Palermo Hollywood? Our recommended restaurants for a formal dinner:

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Part 1: Our recommended restaurants for a formal dinner

Palermo is filled with good restaurants and bars. There are so many options that it is sometimes hard to pick one. Luckily, we have tested most of them so let us guide you! Craving for ethnical food? Try Green Bamboo. Had too many steaks? Head to Bio Restaurant. In this series of articles, discover recommended restaurants in Palermo.

Also see Palermo Restaurants Part 2: Our recommended restaurants in Palermo for a sunny lunch or brunch

UPDATED ON 01/07/2015

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In 2010, the city of Buenos Aires officialized a “Museums Mile”. It is a cultural tour that includes 16 museums in a 40 blocks radius. It goes through touristic neighborhoods of Palermo, Recoleta and Retiro.

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Art galleries in PalermoAt Palo Santo Hotel, we love art. What if we could help our guests discover the next grean Argentinean artist or simply buy a painting to embellish their walls back home. In Palermo Hollywood and Palermo Soho, you will find a dozen of art galleries. Most welcome aficionados as well as serious buyers.

Here is our selection of the best art galleries in Palermo.

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