MALBA Museum in Buenos Aires – A Collection of Modern and Contemporary Latin American Art

Located in Recoleta, the Buenos Aires Museum of Latin American Art might be one of the city’s most interesting museums. The museum is exclusively dedicated to 20th and 21st century Latin American art. Its collection features many masterpieces: Manifestación by Antonio Berni (Argentina, 1934), Pareja by Xul Solar (Argentina, 1923), Self Portrait by Frida Kahlo (Méximo, 1942), among others.  … Read more →

Laura Lima Buenos Aires

What’s going on in Buenos Aires? – March 2015

After a slight pause during summer vacations (January and February here in the Southern Hemisphere), Buenos Aires cultural life is regaining momentum in March. Here are our top picks:   1. Rodolfo Mederos tango orquestra at Centro Cultural Torquato Tasso A must-go for all music lovers. Rodolfo Mederos is one of the most celebrated contemporary tango players.   On Fridays… Read more →

CookApp Buenos Aires

Top Apps for Tourists in Buenos Aires

Apps can make our life easier while abroad. Don’t speak Spanish? Just want to lie in bed while planning your night out in Buenos Aires? We have exactly what you were looking for!   Book your Hotel: Hotel Tonight App Need a last minute hotel in Buenos Aires? Your flight has been delayed and you have nowhere to stay? Or… Read more →