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There is no doubt Buenos Aires has great food. But most visitors end up experiencing only steakhouses, because this is what Argentina is famous for: its flavorful, incredibly tender meat. If you are staying in Buenos Aires long enough to get tired of switching between Bife de Lomo and Bife de Chorizo, you will be relieved to know that there are excellent ethnic restaurants as well. Here is a shortlist:


Cocina Sunae

Cocina Sunae Buenos Aires

Owned by an Asian-American chef, Cocina Sunae is a closed-doors restaurant that specializes in dishes from South-East Asia, mostly Thai, Philippine and Vietnamese. Cocina Sunae offers a 4-courses fixed-price menu, with three options for the main dish. The menu changes every week and is currently priced a AR$290 (approximately USD30), plus beverages.

The decoration is quite plain but dishes are absolutely delicious. The restaurant caters to many expats and tourists and mostly young couples. Waiters speak good English.

Cocina Sunae is located on a quite street of Colegiales area. The exact location will be given to you upon reservation.




For the past few years, Peruvian food has grown to be very popular in Buenos Aires. Around 2012, plenty of improvised Peruvian restaurants suddenly opened, and as it often happen in those cases, many quickly closed. Olaya is one of the latests Peruvian openings and seems to be here to stay. It offers a Japonese-Peruvian fusion food in a modern, industrial decor.

Portions are large and can be shared. Try the “barco”, a selection of specialities to taste the classics of Peruvian cuisine. Prices are on the higher end – approx. AR$500 per person as of April 2015.

Olaya is on Humboldt 1550, Palermo Hollywood.




There is an important Armenian community in Buenos Aires but the city only has an handful of good Armenian restaurants. Sarkis is extremely popular because it offers very good Armenian food at an unbeatable price. Their lamb kafta is very good, as well as the mezzes. The place is nothing fancy but service is very efficient and everything looks clean.

There is always a long line at the door and people seem to be willing to wait as long as two hours to get a table. Go early (the restaurant opens at 8pm) or be ready to wait.

Sarkis is on Thames 1101, Palermo


Green Bamboo

Palermo Hollywood restaurants: Green Bamboo

Located in the hearth of Palermo Hollywood, Green Bamboo offers very good Vietnamese food in a youthful atmosphere. The restaurant attracts a crowd of 30-something porteños on a date and tourists.

Décor is somehow kitsch and music is a little loud, but it manages to create a very pleasant atmosphere. Cocktails are very good. Price are a bit high, around AR$400 to 500 per person.

Green Bamboo is on Costa Rica 5802, Palermo Hollywood

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