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Apps can make our life easier while abroad. Don’t speak Spanish? Just want to lie in bed while planning your night out in Buenos Aires? We have exactly what you were looking for!


Book your Hotel: Hotel Tonight App

Need a last minute hotel in Buenos Aires? Your flight has been delayed and you have nowhere to stay? Or you just love the thrill of spontaneous, unplanned holidays? On HotelTonight, your will find a short, well-presented selection of the best hotels in Buenos Aires with great photos and the possibility to book up to 7 days in advance.

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Book a Table: Restorando App

Restorando is the Argentinean equivalent of Open Table. Just book a table at your favorite restaurant in Buenos Aires in two clicks.

Restorando App


Find the Next Top Chef: Cook App

“Meet new people and eat homemade food” is the tagline of this app, which allows you to book a table at closed doors restaurants. Closed doors restaurants are thriving in Buenos Aires lately and very good chefs are now starting their career catering in their home for a reduced number of patrons.

For safety reasons, we advise you only book from well-rated and established users.

CookApp Buenos Aires


Order a cab: Safer Taxi & Easy Taxi Apps

Order your taxi in Buenos Aires in one click and pay by credit card. These two apps do basically the same job: after geolocalizing you, they’ll send the nearest cab to pick you up. No need to handle cash, you can pay the trip via the app, by credit card.

Safer Taxi App


Getting Around Buenos Aires: Moovit

If you prefer public transportation, try Moovit. They give you the quickest and most convenient route to your destination by using public transit, with maps, directions and step by step navigation.

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